Carbon Dioxide tax will penalise people

Carbon Trade? 1 lump of coal for 1 lump of diamond
Sid Maher, writing in the Australian.
AUSTRALIA faces a $30 billion hit to growth by 2018 if domestic carbon prices remain higher than the European price, according to new economic modelling that will add to business pressure to bring the $23 starting price closer to Europe's $10.
The modelling, by the Centre for International Economics consultancy, warns that keeping the $23 fixed price regime and the floor price of $15 a tonne -- key elements of the current package -- will have almost twice the impact on economic growth by 2018 as allowing the Australian price to track international prices.
  • The Chicago Climate Exchange collapsed. 
  • European price of carbon credits is under €8.
  • Scam after scam have beseiged European trading
Still, it will probably be OK here in Australia. Julia and Wayne say so.


  1. What was the last price of carbon in Chicago can anyone guess? Get ready for it 5 cents a ton!Can anyone tell me where to find a bowl of Fruit Loops? Canberra maybe or the Useless Nations probably both.


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