Business Certainty or Disorganised Choas

PM's lips are sealed on list of 500.
There will be no carbon tax list of emitter under  any government I lead......

The Green Gillard Government had a mantra that tax emissions of carbon dioxide would create business certainty -
Julia Gillard argued the bills would create certainty for business and unlock billions of dollars in clean energy investments. (link)
Also, dreadful for the businesses that have made investment decisions on the basis of a carbon price, particularly in our energy sector where we need to see investment.  (link)
With four months to go until the tax starts, she has not yet released the list of the 500 greatest emitters of carbon dioxide. If a company does not know if it is on the list or not, how can they plan? How can they have business certainty?

If, after being slugged with the tax and the necessary adjustment to pricings etc, a company's trading contracts and therefore their emissions fall, do they then come off the 500 list?

Does another "aspiring" company then get elevated to the list?

Is there a supplementary list that needs to be released for the next group of emitters or do these businesses live with the uncertainty of possible promotion.

Prime Minister, for the sake of certainty, PLEASE release the list.


  1. The Green Gillard Govt had a concept that tax pollutants of would make business guarantee.

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