Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Peter Gleik Whitewash

Is truth the section missing on the globe?
On his blog, John O'Sullivan writes:
Wikipedia, the “free online encyclopedia,” has set about swiftly whitewashing the self-confessed criminal conduct of climatologist, Dr. Peter Gleick. Skeptics will regard such action as further evidence that the website is an organ of man-made global warming propaganda.

Despite his full public admission to be a co-conspirator in criminal activities against the Heartland Institute, a charity sympathetic to skeptics, Wikipedia is at pains to hide the fact Peter Gleick yesterday admitted to this felony published here at the Huffington Post  .
 Gleik, in the wikipedia entry "admitted to soliciting and receiving additional material from the Institute "under someone else's name..."

 Surely, Mr Gleik  has done enough to disgrace himself and absent himself from the climate change debate, the debate carried on by honourable scientists like Bob Carter, Fred Singer, Pat Michaels and Ian Plimer.

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