Europe freezes - If only man-made Co2 emissions could cause warming.

A man walks past an ice-covered car on the waterside at Lake Geneva in Switzerland

For the third winter in a row, Europe has been hit with severe temperatures.

The Warmist Publication, Sydney Morning Herald has a report on Europe:
The deadly cold snap that has gripped Europe for more than a week has strained emergency services, wrought travel chaos and claimed more lives, bringing to more than 300 the tally of victims.
The homeless population has borne the brunt of the deaths, with dozens of transients freezing to death in unheated apartments, fire escapes or in makeshift street shelters.
Authorities on Sunday found the bodies of two homeless people in France who had likely frozen to death, bringing to at least 307 the number of cold-related deaths across Europe.
The Global Post reports:
Ukraine suffering the highest toll — with 101 deaths recorded since the cold snap began. Temperatures plummeted as low to -16.6 degrees in the capital Kiev. Poland, Bulgaria and Romania also recorded high death tolls.
According to AFP, the dead included hundreds of homeless people who have frozen to death.
The cold has extended as far south as Serbia, where thousands were trapped under heavy snow and blizzards in the country's mountain villages.
In Italy, up to three inches of snow fell in some districts of the Italian capital, and the Colosseum was closed to prevent visitors slipping on ice or damaging the structure.
Science Blog EarthSky reported that  "The cold air has pushed significant south, and areas in Venice, Italy has their canals begin to freeze.
Venice's canals have started to freeze.
In the United States, impressive snow amounts occurred in parts of Colorado, Nebraska, Wyoming, and Kansas. Here are a few snowfall totals: 
Black Hawk, Colorado – 48 inches
Evergreen, Colorado – 36 inches
Stapleton, Nebraska – 8 inches
Laramie, Wyoming – 26 inches
Sand Creek Reservoir, Wyoming – 18 inches

If only man-made Co2 emissions could cause some warming.


  1. You have forgotten to mention that snow covered solar arrays produce no electricity, at exactly the time that maximum electricity is needed in the grid for heating purposes, to stop people from freezing to death.

    Similarly, the extreme cold has meant that wind has stopped blowing, and the wind turbines are not turning.

    So the entire "renewables" system is producing zero energy, just when energy is needed most.

    The UK parliament is debating a proposition to commit 7 billion pounds to build 7 new gas fired power stations to act as a backstop for this exact situation. And of course these power stations are not switched off when their electricity is not being used, they must be kept operating.

    And a gas fired power station operating at minimum load is operating at its least efficient state, producing relatively large amounts of CO2.

    Crazy, isn't it?

    Dan McLuskey

  2. I am doing my best to help....but the morons in Cantberra want to tax me for helping out. What is worse, Juslia promises that most Australians will not be worse off. How does that work?

    If the low income, pensioners, farmers, Aluminium Smelters etc get exemptions, subsidy help or any form of assistance to offset the carbon tax, who is going to pay? Well I guess I must be as I will not qualify for anything. I pay for not only me, but for the rest of the country. Sounds really fair!

    So if you must have a new tax it should be applied to everyone, no exemptions at all, none!.....................................Hang on we have that now, a GST, why not increase that to 11% and save all the cost associated with the admin of a stupid carbon tax.

    Now you see this is a classic case of morons in control.

    1. Good idea Anon. Except the GST wasn't Labor policy, so they can't be seen to support/enhance such a policy initiative, now can they? They'd risk the Libs crowing "I told you so"!

  3. At what point did the battle to stop polluting our environment and give us cleaner air, less garbage, cleaner seas and rivers, get lassoed by the "global warming" nutters? The day the greedy pigs of the planet saw a way to make money. Just a few years ago we were told that the earth was going to bake - no water, no crops, and life would be intolerable. So gullible governments built desalinators (which now lie idle) and formed entire departments with huge budgets were assigned the portfolio of "Climate Change". Do schools no longer teach Dorothea McKeller's poem "My Country"? The land of droughts and flooding rains? It has ever been so.
    Of course we want our environment tidy and pleasant to live in ... but global warming now climate change? The climate has ALWAYS changed, and there isn't a thing anyone can do about it. One volcano eruption tips out more pollution than most of us collectively could create in our lives.
    The King Canutes amongst us would have you believe that we can turn back the tides.
    In fact, the earth has cooled and warmed from time to time, and in the warmer periods, post warming, the levels of CO2 have risen - as they would. Warmer earth, more vegetation, more carbon. Carbon decays, more CO2 in the atmosphere. Ice cores have shown this.
    We are due a cooling period - a "minimum"; and if the trend that is being experienced in Europe and the UK is any indicator, we just may be witnessing the start of this.
    I watched an otherwise excellent program about the Sun on SBS TV last night where the presenter actually said that man made greenhouse gasses were cancelling out the sun's effect on the earth's climate. I nearly fell off the couch laughing. Fat chance.

  4. Remember the movie "The day after tomorrow? It predicted this exact thing - a mini ice age in Europe while the Pacific heats up unable to dissipate its energy because the ocean currents have been interrupted by the massive amount of ice melting off Greenland diluting the salty Gulf stream stopping the conveyor current that leads back to the Pacific.

  5. I like CO2:

    Earth , climate and the solar system will keep on doing what ever it wants to do. All we can do is use our technology to keep warm or cool and to adapt. As for melt eater causing the Pacific to change - where did yo get that dream from? .

  6. Yes, on average the winter is too warm for the West-European countries, but of caus this spell of 10 days cold weather in the warm winter is in the spot lights at this site.
    Just like one day of snow in the Alps was big news on the site of Anthony Watts. That this happened in two summer months with very high temperatures was of course not mentioned. That's how sceptic bloggers work: cherry picking and masking the truth. The Alpine region had an record high average annual tempoerature. See

  7. Here are some news reports:,,15706708,00.html
    A severe cold snap that has killed more than 80 people over the past five days has spread, resulting in record low temperatures and heavy snow in much of eastern and central Europe.

    THE death toll from the cold snap across Europe has topped 260, and the winter misery was set to affect thousands of air travellers.

    More than 220 dead as Europe freezes

    Thousands of people are trapped in snow-blocked villages in Serbia and the freezing weather has caused a 20-car pile-up in Italy.

    etc etc just google europe freeze and get news items.....

    as to your link to ZAMG -

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    You have asked Firefox to connect
    securely to, but we can't confirm that your connection is secure.
    Normally, when you try to connect securely,
    sites will present trusted identification to prove that you are
    going to the right place. However, this site's identity can't be verified. Not a good link.


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