Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Carbon Tax - Black Cloud over Jobs

Image: Sunday Telegraph
Piers Akerman, of the Sydney Daily Telegraph, writes:
The Gillard Labor-Green-independent minority government is pounding the nails into the Australian manufacturing industry's coffin.
The lid will be finally sealed on July 1 when the notorious carbon dioxide tax comes into effect.
Those workers who have already lost their jobs or are about to be sent to the scrap heap should remember exactly who stood happily alongside Prime Minister Gillard as she watched the corpse of the manufacturing industry grow cold.
It would not surprise those who have long followed the tortuous duplicity of the Australian trade union movement that former ACTU boss Greg Combet, in his role as Climate Change Minister, has been one of the greatest spruikers of the global warming fraud which the ALP and the Greens, in particular, have relied upon to destroy Australian manufacturing jobs.
Nor should anyone be surprised at the silence with which the job obliteration has been met by the Australian Workers Union national secretary Paul Howes - the man who famously boasted in April 2011 that "this carbon price won't cost a single job".
If you believe media-tart Howes, who went on television the night Kevin Rudd was politically assassinated as prime minister to declare his union's support for Gillard as the coup was unfolding, he was pivotal to Gillard's ascension.

It appears that the Unions bosses do not care about union members. Piers, above says: Paul Howes... famously boasted ... "this carbon price won't cost a single job." However, it wasn't "won't cost a single job", it was that "his union would withdraw support for the tax if it looked like “one job” would be lost." CFMEU president Tony Maher made a similar statement: "It shouldn't cost a job and we won't stand by if it costs jobs."  (back up link.)

Even now,  months before the carbon dioxide tax comes in,  jobs are going. 600 jobs from Alcoa have gone. Alcoa announced that "a high Australian dollar and input costs have made it unprofitable."
Alcoa of Australia managing director Alan Cransberg said it was important to note a future price on carbon had not prompted the decision although it would be an additional cost.
Victorian Treasurer Kim Wells said the federal government's carbon tax was partly to blame.
"This must be the worst possible time to introduce a carbon tax," he told state parliament.
One of the largest single costs in producing aluminium is electricity, which can account for around a third of the total cost. Cheap Electricity comes from coal. Under the falsified AGW hypothesis pushed by the Green Gillard Government, coal is a demon.

Are these union bosses now standing up for their members? Or are they more concerned about propping up a dying Green Gillartd Government?

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