Official - Antarctica Cooling - Did MSM report this?

Here is something that you won't hear on the ABC or read in the Sydney Morning Herald.

Antarctica is cooling.

Pierre Gosselin via his Blog NoTricksZone reports on the press release from Alfred Wegener Institute Antarctic Neumayer-Station III.

Alfred Wegener Institute Neumayer Station III: Antarctic Cooling Over The Last 30 Years!

Annual mean temperature for the years 1982 to 2011 measured at the Neumayer-Station (all graphics come from the Alfred Wegener Institute)
It’s official: the Alfred Wegener Institute Antarctic Neumayer-Station III is a meteorological observation station that’s been measuring air temperature and other magnitudes in Antarctica for 30 years, which is the period of time used to define climate for a region. The results are clear and indisputable.

M. Gosselin notes that they avoid saying that it has got cooler but report that it has not got warmer.
 According to Director Gert König-Langlo:
We check the stability of the measurement system on a regular basis using calibration thermometers.
At the station the annual mean temperature over the last 30 years was minus 16°C. The year 1996 with a mean temperature of minus 14.3°C was the warmest of the last 30 years and the year 2000 was the coldest with a mean temperature of minus 17.8° Celsius.”
With all the concern over global warming gripping Europe, you’d think this would be all over the news. Nope! Not a peep of this cooling trend has appeared anywhere in the German news as far as I can tell. Unfortunately, the AWI did not offer any explanation as to why they have measured cooling.
Not a peep in the Australian press either as far as TCS blog can tell.

Read more at NoTrickZone.


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