Saturday, 7 January 2012

Green Peace Founder Patrick Moore on Wind Farms

Larry Pickering
As reported by Climate Realists:

RIDGETOWN - Southwestern Ontario's flourishing wind energy industry came under fire Wednesday from the co-founder of Greenpeace.

Dr. Patrick Moore told more than 1,000 area farmers the industry destroys more jobs than it creates, and causes energy prices to climb for all users.

“The industry is a destroyer of wealth and negative to the economy,'' said Moore, speaking at the 19th annual Southwest Agricultural Conference at Ridgetown campus of the University of Guelph.

Moore, who now refers to himself as the “sensible environmentalist,'' said the solar bubble has burst and thinks the wind bubble is about to burst.

“I'm happy for the farmers who are receiving royalties for allowing the wind towers to be built on their farms,'' he said. “They deserve it — but the cost to consumers will continue to climb — partly because of rate increases and partly due to tax increases.''

“They are ridiculously expensive and don't work half the time,'' he said. “And no matter how many are built, they won’t replace coal, gas or hydro or nuclear plants, because they are continuous and wind is not always reliable.''

Moore told his audience the wind energy industry in Spain has resulted in a 30% unemployment rate among people under the age of 30.

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  1. What a sellout. no facts, no figures. coal is only cheap because of subsidies!

  2. Anonymous - you are either misinformed or demented.
    Coal is not subsidised. Electricity is getting dearer because of subsidies to "renewable" energy producers.

    As James Delinpole writes (see later post)
    "2. The collapse of renewables. Renewable energy – "pretend energy", "faux energy" or "alternative-to-energy", as it ought more properly to be known – is an economic, environmental and socio-political disaster. It ruins economies, destroys jobs, kills wildlife, uglifies the countryside."


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