Energy Makes Christmas - make that life - great. Are you listening, Julia?

As we enter 2012, the year that the Green Gillard Government will introduce an unnecessary punitive tax on vital-to-life carbon dioxide, perhaps PM Gillard, de facto PM Bob Brown and members of the rag-tag assortment of sell-out independents and craven back bench Labor Members should take some notice of Marita Noon, the  Executive Director of Energy Makes America Great

 Our cheap energy, mainly coal-powered energy, has helped make Australia great, but the above motley-crew has threatened Australia's future with their tax on carbon dioxide - virtually a tax on every aspect of our lives -  a tax that will start in 2012.

Marita Noon writes:
One of the big traits of Christmas is the entire multi-generational family gathered around the table. Back in the day of the picture perfect holiday, travel meant hitching up the horse and wagon. Today, to accomplish this, family members often have to travel great distances to get to the site of the big meal. Christmas is reported as one of the busiest travel seasons—whether by auto or air. But even before the travel takes place, energy is a big part of the picture.
The travel has to be planned. Air travel takes a visit to one’s favorite travel website. Travel by land often requires a Mapquest search for the best route. Both need energy to function. Then when the actual travel takes place, regardless of the method or distance, fuel is needed to make the trip possible.
Don't forget the power for the Christmas lighting.

We have to buy groceries from the supermarket. Think of the energy involved at the grocers for lighting and refrigeration. Think of the costs of transportation. And then there is the cooking of the
turkey/ham/pork.... Electric knife to cut the joints, refrigeration for the ice cream, cream, custard...

Let's not forget the cold beer and champagne. Oh, of course, then there is the dishwasher.

Some of this was mine; some from Ms Marita Noon. However Ms Noon concludes:
One you start thinking about it, you can see myriad other ways that energy makes your Christmas the  picture-perfect event of which you’ve dreamed. Maybe your digital camera was used, your computer to view the shots, your printer to print out copies for everyone.
You get the picture.
When you come to the table and bow your head to give thanks for the family, friends and food—don’t forget the energy that made it all possible.


  1. The phrase "Our cheap energy" is no longer true. Sky-rocketing prices for residential electricity consumers has inflicted energy-poverty on many Australian families. The energy companies intend to create "Bill Shock" to increase the return on the investments they are now making in inefficient electricity distribution grids.

    Carbon tax or no carbon tax, "Bill Shock" by energy companies will continue to be suffered by residential electricity consumers.

  2. If the whole CO2 causes global warming issue was realised to be fake by the majority of our community (its not there yet) then we could encourage cheap energy of any persuasion. From that point, generally coal powered stations would continue to dominate for decades to come and power prices would gradually fall again as confidence returned to this part of the power industry.
    Simply removing the carbon tax will not get our energy resourses resuming its past low cost structure - The renewable energy targets also impinge against low cost power also and need to be removed

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