Friday, 30 December 2011

Urban Heat Island causes 56% of warming: Peer- reviewed

UHI -  Image NASA
A new paper by Kim, M K and Kim, S published in the Journal of Atmospheric Environment (LINK)
reports that UHI accounts for 0.77ºC over the last 55years whilst Greenhouse warming only accounts for 0.60ºC; that is UHI accounts for 56% of the warming against 44% for GHG warming.

Quantitative estimates of warming by urbanization in South Korea over the past 55 years (1954–2008)  Original Research Article
Atmospheric Environment, Volume 45, Issue 32, October 2011, Pages 5778-5783
Maeng-Ki Kim, Seonae Kim

► The quantitative estimation of the urban warming based on the Empirical Orthogonal Function.
► Urban warming of 0.77 °C for 55 years over South Korea.
► Greenhouse warming of 0.60 °C for 55 years over South Korea.
► Urban warming of about 56% of total temperature increase for 55 years