Friday, 9 December 2011

Carbon Tax drives Rates Rise.

Will you be compensated for the rise in council rates?

Vikki Campion in the Daily Telegraph reports:

Suburban surcharge - carbon tax hits ratepayers 

THE carbon tax will hit ratepayers from July next year with councils lumping a surcharge on the annual rates bill.

Councils have long warned they would be forced to lift rates because of the tax but the impost has come earlier than expected - from July 1, 2012.
Independent economic regulator IPART has granted permission to every council in NSW a 0.4 per cent surcharge on top of the 3.2 per cent accounted for in productivity testing and local government cost index.
The IPART documents admit there was "considerable uncertainty about how quickly the carbon price will flow into various prices in the economy".
A breakdown of council expenses over this year reveals the biggest costs for local governments has been fuel from high oil prices and the steep costs of renewable energy schemes mandated by federal and state governments.
In total, it will mean a rate increase of more than 9 per cent over three years, including an increase of more than 3 per cent last year.


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