Thursday, 17 November 2011

The Green Gillard Government's "Clean Energy" Future

Is the sun setting on 'clean' energy?

 Julia Gillard's clean energy crusade was the headline the Australian used to announce her " success" in ramming the carbon tax through Parliament against the will of the majority of Australians. 

Declaring an "avalanche of science" dictated that the nation act to combat climate change, the Prime Minister said her carbon tax package announced yesterday would cut 159 million tonnes from Australia's emissions by 2020 and allow the nation to "seize its clean energy future".

In her bloody-mindedness, she didn't realise that the rest of the world was backing away from the man-made global warming hoax. Today we read (via Reuters)
MADRID, Nov 15 (Reuters) - Spain's likely new centre-right government plans a major overhaul of the energy sector, possibly axing subsidies for wind and solar power as the euro zone debt crisis makes funding very costly.

Spain's huge rollout of renewable energy made it a world leader in the sector and reduced its dependence on imported fuel, but the result is debt-laden utilities and consumers facing crippling rate hikes to pay for power stations they are hardly using.

"We can't afford high-cost energy and the government can't continue to bet on extremely expensive sources of energy for Spanish households," said Jaime Legaz, head of the People's Party's FAES think tank.