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Senate Passage of the Crippling Carbon Tax

Although the NO CARBON TAX Climate Sceptics are a different political party from the National Party, on the subject of the Undemocratic enacting of a tax on trace gas CO2 we sing from the same sheet. Here is a Nats Press release...

8 November 2011
Topics: Senate passage of the carbon tax

BARNABY JOYCE: Well thanks very much for being here.
Obviously today is an extremely sad day for Australia. The whole prospect that somehow we can single-handedly as a nation by ourselves change the temperature of the globe is obviously ridiculous. We have found today that the reason that Greens are in such a bunrush is that they have to go up to Durban and meet up with Leonardo Di Caprio, Angelina Jolie, and Bono from U2, and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Therefore we can explain to the people of Blacktown, of Cabramatta, of Ipswich, of Townsville, of Rockhampton, that the reason they are going to pay more for every section of their life, whether it is cooking dinner, whether it is washing their clothes, whether it is keeping themselves warm, or keeping themselves cool, is because we have to run to the agenda of the Greens.

The whole prospect that somehow, in the international race of commerce that Australia will turn up and decide single-handedly to start the race hopping and hope that in some mechanism we somehow beat everybody else in the race, or alternatively create such a statement that other people as stupid as us to start hopping with us, is absurd. This will really hurt the people of regional Australia, everything they do. Whether it is the steel purlins and trusses in the sheds, whether it is the electricity that run their welder, whether it is the domestic needs of people in their house, whether it is fertiliser they use, whether it is on the transport, all of these issues become part of a carbon tax.

This is a broad based consumption tax, an attack on every household via every power point in their house. It does nothing to change the temperature of the globe but opens every household up to its complete avenue via the powerlines to the Australian Taxation Office. At the Australian Taxation Office they will get that money, they will churn it, they will burn it, they will blow it up but they will not change the temperature of the globe.

We now have the prospect of those who are doing it tough have to deal with this insult that somehow the government believes that the price they pay for power is too cheap. It is the absolute epitome of a government that is distracted by the Greens and is distracted away from the core issues when they don't recognise that the cost of living is the driving force in Australia today. That people are struggling to pay the power, they are struggling to pay for food, they don't need any more incentives to try and save money. They have got enough. Carbon is not free for them, it is terribly expensive.

We might also clearly pose our mind to exactly what has happened. How did we get to this point? We came to this point because the Australian people took the Prime Minister on trust that she would be good for her word and not introduce a carbon tax. Now we have heard it ad nauseum but it is the reality. The government lied. By reason of that lie they got themselves in office and now that lie has been supported by all those who voted for it.

This is a very bad and sad day for Australia.

What I can say is that right from the word go the National party has been consistent. We have stated our case against the ETS and fought that fight and won. We have stated our case against the carbon tax and at this point in time it is not a defeat it is an adjournment to the next episode.

We will go to the next election being forthright absolutely that it is fundamental in every essence of what we are that we will rid our nation of this ridiculous tax because Australians can't afford it and we will not put any more manufacturing workers out of a job by reason that if they can't afford the power, what are we going to give up on? Are we going to reduce the price of their wages to try and remain competitive?

So we will use every sinew of our body to try and make sure that what we do for our nation is the responsible thing. That is to get rid of this tax because it is not going to affect the climate it is just going to make people poorer.

I will now hand over to my deputy and other members of the team.

FIONA NASH: As Nationals our whole purpose is to fight for regional Australia. Regional Australians are going to be hit harder by this carbon tax than anyone else across this country.
Now this Prime Minister Julia Gillard before the last election said there would be no carbon tax under a government I lead. Today we have seen Julia Gillard come good on that lie to the Australian people and give the Australian people a carbon tax.
Now that is just simply wrong. As Nationals we will not stand by and watch regional Australia be hurt by this carbon tax. We are absolutely committed to rescinding this carbon tax in government.
The people know across this country that this carbon tax is based on a lie the Prime Minister told the Australian people. And they also know that this carbon tax is not going to change the climate one little bit.

RON BOSWELL: It is ironical that this carbon tax got through on a vote which had the lowest Labor party vote in Australia, 8 per cent. It would not have gone through if Mr Windsor had opposed it. He is going to pay a very heavy price for that.
This is the greatest sell out. Windsor is the greatest sell out since Judas Iscariot's 30 pieces of silver.

NIGEL SCULLION: From time to time this country and around the world we see democracy falter but I think we very rarely see it collapse where some 12 per cent of the vote dictates what the rest of Australia does. Sixty per cent of people in the polls today say they don’t want a carbon tax and this government has run forward because this government is handcuffed to the fundamentalism of the Greens. The great sadness in my heart today though is that people will be impacted before this government changes and we can rescind this awful tax. The people who will be impacted are those who can be impacted the least. There are those who live furthest away from the cities. There are those who are already invariably unemployed or in the dreadful cycle of welfare poverty and many of them sadly are my constituents, constituents of certainly Lingiari, our first Australians who invariably are locked in the cycle of poverty. They aren’t able to go and find more funds to be able to deal with the highest increases in grocery prices, with the highest increases in electricity prices and sadly over the last few days this government has trodden roughshod over a process that might have been able to ventilate and might have been able to amend this awful tax to ensure that our first Australians particularly aren’t as impacted as much as they will be.

BARNABY JOYCE – We will take a few questions and I know you have quite a few people to talk to and you have also got a storm coming, not that I would be too worried about raining on the Greens' parade, so to speak. 

JOURNALIST – Isn’t it time you conceded defeat?

BARNABY JOYCE – No it’s not, absolutely not, our people would hold us in absolute contempt if we were step back from the battle that is before us. We will absolutely, excuse the operatics, "gird our loins" because we are going to make sure this is taken to the election. The Australian people have a right to have a referendum on this, it is still coming, it is the election and at the election they will have the chance to have their say as to whether our nation should be run by the Australian Greens or run by the Australian people, as to whether we should be guided by Al Gore or guided by the promises our Prime Minister makes.

JOURNALIST – Senator, the comment from Ms Gillard the day before the last election promising not to introduce any of this sort of legislation, don’t all politicians lie at times?

BARNABY JOYCE – I think that that was a fundamental and core promise that is quite obviously one of the warrants that people made their decision to cast their ballot on. There are so many people, and if you can see it in the polling right now, that if they had known that, they would have elected a different government. And therefore you have fraudulently acted against the Australian people.  And it’s not a decision on whether you believe in global warming or you don’t, that is not the issue. People believed in the respect of the office, the only reason people will follow the government through some of the hardest times in the nation’s history, or a nation’s future, is that they respect the office bearer, they think the office bearer is a person of dignity, a person who can be believed and when they sully that office position, they do it not only for themselves but for the whole of our nation and they bring the whole of our parliament into contempt.

FIONA NASH – Can I just add to that as well, the Prime Minister has every opportunity not to start this carbon tax until after the next election. Regardless of whether people think she lied before the last election or she didn’t, the Australian people believed that this government wasn’t going to bring in a carbon tax. All the Prime Minister had to do is wait until after the next election before this carbon tax started, she chose not to do that, that’s up to her.

BARNABY JOYCE – That impending storm is a sign of things to come.


Wasted ‘Climate Change’ Cash Could Save Lives Instead

Buddhist advice: when struck by an arrow,
first remove it before seeking out your assailant.
Otherwise, you will die.
Even as our Parliamentarians are cheering and patting themselves on the back for passing into law a series of Acts that will
  • severely shackle stock markets, 
  • harshly hamper high hopes and 
  • brutally bash budgets
two of the truly concerned, from Canada - the International Climate Science Coalition's Tom Harris and our own Bob Carter have written of  

When it comes to climate change, our leaders would do well to follow Buddhist advice: when struck by an arrow, first remove it before seeking out your assailant. Otherwise, you will die.

But most governments and charitable foundations today do exactly the opposite. They try so hard to appease climate activists — who seem more concerned about the possible plight of people yet to be born than those suffering today — that millions of people have been abandoned to misery and early death in the poorest parts of the world.

They write of how our governments are millions or billions to Green Climate Funds. Just last week PM Gillard committed Australia to $10 billion to the International Monetary Fund.  $10 billion that Australia will have to borrow first!
The Copenhagen Accord specified that contributions should be split 50-50 between helping people adapt to climate change and stopping (or “mitigating”) climate change. Australia is generally following this formula, but 90% of Canada’s first $400 million donation is dedicated entirely to mitigation.
This undue focus on mitigation of a hypothetical human-caused dangerous warming that has yet even to be measured comes at the expense of the urgent needs of the world’s most vulnerable peoples. For example, ClimateWorks Foundation — an American climate activist group that has donated millions to Al Gore’s Alliance for Climate Protection — received over $500 million from charitable foundations when they launched in 2008. This was twice as much as foundations contributed to the World Health Organization, and over seven times as much as they donated to UNICEF in that year.
Over the last two decades ending in 2009, the U.S. government spent a total of $68 billion for climate science research and climate-related technology development. Worldwide, it is estimated that Western countries alone are pouring at least $10 billion annually (2009) into global warming related research and policy formulation.

Read the rest of this excellent article at PJ Media - here.

Australia's dark ages; Irish Enlightenment

It's a great day for the Irish! Even as the Australian Parliament condemns Australia to poverty, black-outs and a return to the Dark Ages, the Irish Times reports:

Hogan shifts policy on climate change as Bill 'not a priority'

HARRY McGEE, Political Correspondent

A RADICAL shift in policy on climate change is to be outlined by Minister for the Environment Phil Hogan today, when he announces that a climate change Bill is not a priority.
It signals a major change from the policy of his predecessor John Gormley, who rushed to publish legislation setting binding statutory targets for emissions reductions in the weeks before the previous government collapsed last January.

The Irish have more intelligence than the Australian Parliament who cheered and clapped as they brought down a tax that will kill Australian prosperity.

Back to the Dark Ages (2)

At the last Election, the PM Gillard said "No Carbon Tax..." and Deputy PM and Treasurer Swan said "Hysterical Allegation that we will introduce a carbon tax..." and this was the platform that the independents Oakeshott and Windsor supported when throwing the hats into the ring with the Green Gillard Government.

The only party going to the last election with the Death to Australia Wish of a carbon dioxide tax was the mis-named Greens.

Today, Piers Akerman has written an Op-ed piece:

The new Dark Age begins today

echoing the thoughts of the Carbon Sense Coalition's Viv Forbes - see Back to the Dark Ages 

How, with nearly all the players in the last election supporting a NO CARBON TAX policy, have we reached the stage where, as Piers writes:

The passage of the Carbon Dioxide tax through the Senate today will mark Day One of Year Zero for the Australian economy.
Tuesday,November 8, 2011, will be forever remembered as the day when the Labor-Green-Independent minority government deliberately voted to put the nation into reverse.

It will be recalled as the day when Australians were whacked with an artificial impost designed to handicap their growth, reject wealth creation and mortgage the future of their children to placate ideologically driven Green cultists.
This is the day when the momentum of history went backward.
This is the day the Western tradition of science-backed advancement of the human condition was rejected in favour of paganism.  (Read More of Piers here.)
As  Piers continues, Australia is the "only nation that has bought this humbug."
Australia has been the envy of the world now it is the wonder of the world.
The rest of the globe’s population is wondering why we ever permitted ourselves to be lied and deceived back into the Dark Ages.
Meanwhile, the debate continues in North America. In an Op-ed piece in the Oregonian, Physicist Gordon J. Fulks writes:
Who would have believed it?

The Oregonian has now declared its faith in the pseudoscience of global warming. "Global climate change is real," they assert, and it's time to "put an end to the absurd arguments challenging global warming." Some of their revelations are based on the discovery of an alleged heretic who has seen the light.

Heretics, always hated by the faithful, are now "cranks (and) conspiracy theorists." I hope that includes me, along with such luminaries as Nobel laureate in physics Ivar Giaever; Will Happer, professor of physics at Princeton University; and Richard Lindzen, professor of meteorology at MIT.

Lindzen has dared to say: "The need to courageously resist climate hysteria is clear."
 After writing of the conflict in the interpretation of the BEST data by co-authors Richard Muller and Judith Curry, (previously covered extensively on this site)
The evidence that is driving the faithful nuts is what Curry alludes to: the refusal of the global temperature to rise beyond the level it reached in the super El Niño year of 1998 and the steep downward trend of temperatures in America. Most climate researchers have been willing to admit this fact, but a few, like Muller, have refused. A static or declining global temperature trend in the face of steadily increasing atmospheric carbon dioxide strongly refutes the carbon dioxide theology.

This means that every one of the billion-dollar climate models is substantially worthless.

The philosopher Bertrand Russell, also a Nobel Laureate, pointed out many years ago: “If a man is offered a fact which goes against his instincts, he will scrutinize it closely, and unless the evidence is overwhelming, he will refuse to believe it. If, on the other hand, he is offered something which affords a reason for acting in accordance to his instincts, he will accept it even on the slightest evidence.”
This “confirmation bias” is a problem that we all face but especially those who worship Global Warming.

Read more  of Dr Fulks' article HERE.

Gordon J. Fulks, Ph.D. lives in Corbett and holds a doctorate in physics from the University of Chicago, Laboratory for Astrophysics and Space Research.


Three Metre Thick Ice Area Has Doubled Since Last Year


Steve Goddard reports:

According to the US Navy, the area of 3+ metre thick ice has doubled since last autumn. This agrees with NSIDC graphs which show an increase in the area of thick multi-year ice.

Accompanying NSIDC graph, shows that I year old Ice has doubled,  2yo has increased.....

For more, go to Real Science - http://www.real-science.com/metre-thick-ice-area-doubled-year

Back to the Dark Ages

A print-ready copy of this issue of "Carbon Sense" can be downloaded from:

8 November 2011

"Senate passes Carbon Tax". We have lost a battle but, with your help, we will win the war.
Please pass this on.

The passage of the carbon tax bills today is no reason for celebration. It is a step back towards the dark ages.

Just a few generations ago, humans lived in a "green" world. There was no coal, oil or gas providing light, heat, transport and traction power.

In this green utopia, wood provided heat for cooking fires and forests were felled for charcoal for primitive metallurgy; farmers used wooden ploughs and harvested grain with sickles and flails; the nights were lit using candles and whale oil; rich people used wind and water power to grind cereals; horses and bullocks moved coaches, wagons and troops; there was no refrigeration and salt was the only preservative for meat.

Towns were tiny as the whole family was needed to work the farm. For most people, the daylight hours were filled with heavy labour to produce, preserve and transport food. There was no surplus to support opera, bureaucracy or academia.

Humanity was relieved from this life of unrelenting toil by carbon energy – steam engines and electricity, machines, tractors, cars, ships and planes. Prosperity and longevity soared.

Today the pagan green religion celebrates the first step in their long campaign to destroy industrial society and reduce population.

They should be careful what they wish for.

For example, just a few more bitter winters in Britain will see their wind powered lights going out.

A British observer once said of the Whitlam government: "Any fool can bugger up Britain, but it takes real genius to bugger up Australia".

The Gillard-Green Government is showing the sort of genius needed to dim the lights in the lucky country.

UN IPCC – Serious Science or Green Activism?

For over two decades, the IPCC has told the world that man is causing dangerous global warming. It also claimed that all of its reports are based on peer reviewed scientific literature. However Canadian investigative journalist Donna Lamframboise documents a far different story in her new book -"The Delinquent Teenager" She found the IPCC riddled by activists relying on lots of magazine articles and press releases from activist organisations like World Wildlife Fund and Greenpeace. Listen to this report on her hard hitting new book:

The New Global Warming Crisis 
Solar Tax Needed

No one has noticed a new global warming crisis.

Since July, temperatures in Australia have soared by over six degrees centigrade. If current trends continue, we can expect another three degrees of warming by Christmas.

This rapid warming has caused massive environmental disruption – alpine snow has melted, birds are migrating, there is an epidemic of weeds and we can expect more storms, cyclones, floods, mosquitoes and solar radiation burns.

This is far more serious than the UN's forecast of a piddling 1-2 degrees of warming over the next hundred years or so.

What caused this dangerous new global warming?

The old people called it "summer".

Summer heat is generated by a slight increase in the solar radiation received at the surface, caused by cyclic changes in the positions of the sun in the sky. It is obvious that longer term solar cycles also dominate the climate. Even "The Farmer's Almanac" knew that cycles in moon, planets and sunspots could be used to forecast the weather.

However, since people started to let computers do their thinking, knowledge of climate cycles has been lost. We now let computer nerds and taxaholics tell us that the climate is controlled by minute traces of a harmless invisible natural gas exhaled with every breath, generated in every bushfire and exhausted wherever coal, oil and gas are burned. Some even believe that a tax on carbon dioxide will cool the world.

It's time we abandoned climate Cassandras with costly computers. There was more sense in "The Farmer's Almanac".

And a Solar Tax on the sun to reduce warming makes as much sense as a Carbon Tax on the air to induce cooling.

Green Insanity in Britain

Jo Nova reports: "At least 2,700 people are dying in Britain every year because they are unable to adequately heat their houses, according to the interim findings of a report commissioned by the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC)".

Insanity in Britain

"With people dying from the cold because they can’t afford enough home heating, the government is deliberately raising heating costs in an attempt to make it slightly colder outside"   Tom Nelson

Green Agenda Unravels

Carbon Dioxide Capture and Burial Collapses.

First the Zerogen Project in Australia was put into liquidation.  See:

Then the Longannet Project in UK, the flagship scheme for carbon capture in the UK, was junked:

None of this is a surprise to us here at Carbon Sense:

Green Subsidies Slashed

Spain Slashes wind power subsidies:

Then UK slashes Solar Subsidies:

UK also plans to cut Wind Power Subsidies:

The Solyandra Solar Subsidy Scandal Festers in USA:

Emissions Targets become Wobbly

Japan sick of Paying for Emissions Permits from China and Eastern Europe, considers changing targets:

Europe gets a case of the jitters about their unilateral targets:

G20 tells Gillard "You are on your own on carbon tax."

Price Collapse for Carbon Emission Permits in Europe:

With Thanks to Larry Pickering

Authorised by Viv Forbes
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