Sunday, 6 November 2011

The IPCC's Unequivocal Climate Liars: Satellites Prove That Global Warming Is Not "Unequivocal"    From C3 Headlines  Link Here

Land - October 2011 Nasa Earth Observations
Sea - October 2011

Air - October 2011

The above temperature reconstructions of satellite measurements are as of the end of October 2011. The white areas of each (land, sea and air) represent zero to insignificant temperature cooling/warming; yellow-orange-red colors represent warming; and the blueish areas represent cooling. (click on links under images to go to surce)
Clearly, what the world's best scientific-based technology tells us is that global warming is not "unequivocal" as most IPCC Climategate scientists robustly claim. In fact, as has been well documented by numerous studies, including BEST, significant warming has been basically absent for some 15 years, which has caused great befuddlement for the IPCC's climate "scientists."

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