Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Australia's terminal illness caused by poison forked tongue.

Australia has contracted a terminal illness on this day. Jabbed by the poisonous forked tongue of our Prime Minister.

Later, that same forked tongue found another target.
Larry Pickering

Tragic Day in Canberra

Larry Pickering cartoon
Today is the day when our Prime Minister will drive a 'Dozer through democracy. This Prime Minister who campaigned by saying  - "There will be no carbon tax..." This Prime Minister who promised to take her carbon dioxide proposal to the people.  This Prime Minister who said that the tax was meant to cause pain to the people.

Next month, there will be another gathering, another gab-fest COP17 in Durban. It is widely predicted that this will be the final death knell for the crumbling Kyoto protocol. The New York Times reports:
...... countries must finally decide what they have put off for several years: the future of the Kyoto Protocol.
"South Africa is the tipping point in terms of the future of the climate regime," said Tasneem Essop, international climate policy advocate for the World Wildlife Fund in South Africa.
 Will Australia be the last country clinging to Kyoto?