Wednesday, 14 September 2011

What will the Global Temperature be after the Carbon (dioxide) Tax?

Webinar - Solar Energy (Climate Spectator - Alarmist online Journal)

Webinar: A Critical Look at Global Warming.
Slide from Professor Robert Carter's Presentation
Previously, TCSblog attended an online seminar called  "A Critical look at Global Warming" organised by Peter Bonk for the American Chemical Society. The physical location was in Denver, Colarado but it was an online seminar - a Webinar - and, although it was at a slightly inconvenient time, TCSblog attended.

If one looked in from the wings, Peter Bonk's Webinar was one-sided, but attendees, both in person and in Cyberspace were warned in the title that it was a "Critical Look."

Now, on line paper, the alarmist biased Climate Spectator is presenting a Webinar - Solar Energy - Q&A with Giles Parkinson and the head of the Australian Solar Institute. (Mark Twiddle)

Giles Parkinson is an AGW alarmist and actually has banned TCSblog from commenting on items published on Climate Spectator.

It will be from 12 noon  Tuesday, 20 September 2011 (although the Convenor incorrectly says that it is from 12pm ie 12 post meridien or 12 hours after midday or Midnight. 12am also is 12 hours before midday or Midnight. WHy didn't you use 12 noon, Giles?)

The webinar will cover:
  • the role of solar PV
  • the role of solar thermal
  • the state of the solar market in Australia
  • some exciting solar R&D initiatives in Australia
Why not register ( and perhaps add some balance to the Climate Spectator bias.