Thursday, 8 September 2011

The Earth Is happily gobbling more CO2.

Gaia is happily consuming increased carbon dioxide.

Perhaps Tim Flannery is right!

GAIA is alive and well and protecting the Earth from evil CO2.

Sorry, that's tongue in cheek. But it appears that the planet is coping with the increased carbon dioxide.

The Idso's great site CO2 Science (link in title) reports on a new peer reviewed paper:
Gurney, K.R. and Eckels, W.J. 2011. Regional trends in terrestrial carbon exchange and their seasonal signatures. Tellus 63B: 328-339

This paper indicates that, as atmospheric carbon dioxide increases, the carbon sink is intensifying or as co2science explains it:

What it means
As ever more anthropogenic CO2 is emitted into the atmosphere and the air's CO2 concentration rises ever higher, so too does the photosynthetic prowess of earth's terrestrial vegetation grow ever stronger, as the great global greening of the earth gains ever more momentum and sucks ever more CO2 out of the air and incorporates it into living biomass and soil organic matter, thereby muting the rate of global warming that would otherwise prevail in the absence of this important negative feedback phenomenon.
UPDATE: 29/9/11

Ben Cubby has reported in the SMH:
PLANTS have been breathing a lot more quickly than we thought, according to a study that suggests some climate change models may have to be modified to account for faster rates of photosynthesis.
An analysis of 30years of atmospheric records has shown that the total amount of carbon dioxide that passes through plants may have been underestimated by about 25per cent.
The study, published today in the journal Nature, traced oxygen atoms in individual CO2 molecules, and from this the US, Dutch and Australian researchers could determine how often each one had passed through a plant.

It showed "gross primary production" – the amount of carbon inhaled by plants – should be revised upwards from about 120billion tonnes per year to 150 to 175billion tonnes, researchers from the Scripps Institute of Oceanography in the US, said.

Tim's Bizarre rant -

EUREKA award Cooked Up? His blog is.

Science gets swamped
The University of Queensland reported the success of their aluminus :
UQ alumnus Mr John Cook, the creator of and a new appointment to UQ's Global Change Institute (GCI), won the NSW Government Eureka Prize for Advancement of Climate Change Knowledge. Mr Cook is Research Fellow in Climate Change Communication at the GCI and won the Eureka Prize for his work in communicating science to an online audience.
Blatant AGW Propaganda Pusher The Sydney Morning Herald emitted:
John Cook, a physics graduate who created the Skeptical Science website to debunk lies and misinformation about climate change science, won the prize for advancement of climate change knowledge, sponsored by the NSW government.
Mr Cook, co-author of Climate Change Denial, started the website in 2007 and has published scientific rebuttals to more than 150 climate change myths.
Cook Advanced Climate Change Knowledge? He debunked lies and misinformation about climate change science?

Czech Physicist Lubos Motl has a different spin:
On Wednesday, August 24th, I wrote the following blog entry:

John Cook will receive lots of money for climate propaganda This guy has no clue about the climate science or atmospheric physics but he has gained some notoriety for his mass production of talking points meant to spread the climate panic and produce doubts about well-established scientific insights that show that there is no reason to be worried about climate change. 
In that text, I claimed that a hardcore crackpot and one of the numerous redundant tiny stalking appendices of your humble correspondent (and of a few others) will win the (Australian) Eureka Prize for Advancement of Climate Change Knowledge even though he was known to be "just a finalist" at that time.
TCS blog has previously written about the inaccuracies and distortions, or should that be lies and misinformation, of John Cook's site. See HERE and

Media, democracy and government funding.

Joanne Nova wrote:

John Cook might be skeptical about skeptics, but when it comes to government funded committee reports, not so much.
The author of “skeptical science” has finally decided to try to point out things he thinks are flaws in The Skeptics Handbook. Instead, he misquotes me, shies away from actually displaying the damning graphs I use, gets a bit confused about the difference between a law and a measurement, unwittingly disagrees with his own heroes, and misunderstands the climate models he bases his faith on. Not so “skeptical” eh John? He’s put together a page of half-truths and sloppy errors and only took 21 months to do it.
Joanne debunks the lies and misinformation on John Cook's site with devastating scientific accuracy.

Bob Fernley-Jones (via Jo Nova) eroded more of Cook's lies and misinformation:
In addition to regular readers of Jo Nova, those familiar with John Cook’s misleadingly titled website “Skeptical Science” may be shocked by what follows. 

As more and more of the TRUTH unravels, the alarmists are fighting harder and harder. When Real Climate truth (that CO2 is innocent) comes to the fore, will the John Cook's of this world apologise? Will they hand back their grants?