Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Media Watch ignores ABC Charter

Paul Sheehan's book The Electronic Whorehouse detailed many inaccuracies and distortions made by the ABC's Media Watch.
The episode that really hit me was the Janet Albrechtsen episode. The distortion on that programme by Marr was followed by then Labor leader Mark Latham calling Albrechtsen a skanky hoe in the coward's castle.

The inaccuracies and distortions continue. Although I hadn't watched the programme for years, last night the repeated episode came on and, because it covered subject matter already covered here in the TCS blog, I perservered through it.


To me, Presenter Jonathan Holmes looks more like he is presenting "Creature-Feature" or "Tales from the Vault."

The accuracy of Bob Kernohan's Statutory Declaration has yet to be tested but it poses some questions that need to be answered. Consider these two quotes:
"AWU Secretary Bob Smith, AWU official Bill Shorten and myself believed that the other property was owned by Bruce Wilson's then partner, Julia Gillard."
"I was informed by Bob Smith, with Bill Shorten present, that some thousands of doillars were paid illegally from union funds, by Wilson, for house renovations to Julia Gillard's property."
All Bob Kernohan wants (or claims that he wants) is that the funds rorted from members of the AWU be returned. Surely these two statements need clarification from the Prime Minister, however, according to the very left-wing bias of the Media Watch programme, Mike Smith has no right to be asking questions.
.....hour after hour, day after day, Smith demanded that the Prime Minister come on his program and submit to a public interrogation ... On Monday ...

Michael Smith: I want to ask you some questions: Ma'am did you set up these entities? Did you set up the accounts? Did you know what they were about? Did you make inquiries to find out what they were about?

— 2UE, Afternoons with Michael Smith, 29th August, 2011

On Tuesday ...

Michael Smith: Did you receive any monies from any of those accounts? Did you pay any monies back? Ma'am did you receive any clothes paid for by any other person or entity from the business known as Town Mode of Melbourne Fashion House?

— 2UE, Afternoons with Michael Smith, 30th August, 2011

Same thing on Wednesday and Thursday.
How about some responsible journalism from the ABC?

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