Wednesday, 10 August 2011

A Peer-Reviewed Deception

A sixteen minute video - exposing the flaws in the ACO2 hypothesis and the peer-reviewed process.
Like an updated Reader's Digest condensed version of the Great Global Warming Debate.

H/T Louis Hissink via P Gosselin

How much will our carbon Dioxide Tax reduce Global Temperature?

In an opinion piece in today's Australian, Janet Albrechtsen asks what has become known as "the Andrew Bolt question." In writing of the Gillard Green Government's $4 Million propaganda mail-out, she writes:
The government informs us, more than once, that the carbon tax will "cut 160 million tonnes of pollution from the atmosphere each year". But not once does the government inform us by how much the carbon tax will reduce global temperatures. The reason for the silence is simple. The carbon tax will make no difference to global temperatures.
And that explains why the debate about a carbon tax is far from over. The government, the Greens, climate change scientists and propagandists may wish it otherwise, but there is plenty left to say about a carbon tax and global warming.
Will we find the MSM all asking what will be the gain for all the pain of the carbon dioxide tax?