Wednesday, 13 July 2011

No Mandate for a carbon (dioxide) tax?

Free and truthful speech being lost as Green influence grows

 Letter to the Editor by

Leon Ashby - President of The Climate Sceptics

Dear Sir/ Madam,

Something for Julia to ponder
                             Please ponder these things.

What do you think is occurring when a PM calls the invisible plant food CO2 a dirty pollutant,
or says the science about CO2 being bad is overwhelming when it is not
or says she will not introduce a carbon (dioxide) tax and then breaks her promise?

What do you think is occurring when Lord Monckton meeting venues are pressured by Green lobby groups to cancel (Brisbane Broncos) or another venue is offered money to cancel a Lord Monckton event (Ballarat) or political interference is suspected in the cancelling of another. (Port Adelaide)?

What do you think is occurring when a carbon (dioxide) tax proposal is laced with bribes and will reduce Australian competitiveness with overseas markets while it will not reduce the planets temperature one iota?

Do you smell a green con, with suppression of freedom of speech?

Do you see it related to a growing Green/red political power?

Have you been compromised into it`s subtle clutches and believe its time to get out of it?

Lord Monckton's information is a good place to start.

Leon Ashby

Unstoppable Global Warming:Willie Soon and David Legates

A one-week old YouTube presentation of Willie Soon and David Legates discussing Unstoppable Global Warming (Every 1500 years)

Quote from David (at 10 minutes):
So the ideal scientist is really supposed to be sceptical, so there is always a quest to verify what we know to understand that we haven't made a mistake and that we continue on and develop science. If we closed our mind, if we close the doors we are now shutting ourselves out from the real truth which is what science is all about, after all

As of this morning Wikipedia says of Associate Professor David R Legates:
David Russell Legates is the Delaware State Climatologist, an Associate Professor of Geography[1] and Ocean Science and Engineering[2] at the University of Delaware, and former director of the Center for Climatic Research at the same university. [3] [4]
Legates has published research papers, opinion editorials, and spoken openly in opposition to the consensus scientific opinion on climate change. More recently, he has been known for his skepticism toward the anthropogenic cause of the observed global warming patterns and the severity of its consequences at the local geographical scale.
This morning, AEST David wrote (with my emphasis):

From: David R. Legates
Date: Tue, Jul 12, 2011 at 10:48 AM
Subject:  New State Climatologist

Dear All,

   I want to notify you of a change in the Office of the Delaware State
Climatologist.  I have been asked by our Dean's office to step down and
the former Deputy Dean, Dr. Daniel J. Leathers, will be reassuming the
title of the Delaware State Climatologist.  He will be representing the
Office in Asheville and I hope you will welcome him.

   I thank you for the opportunity to serve as the Delaware State
Climatologist for the last seven years and to work alongside each of you.


David R. Legates

From: David R. Legates Date: Fri, Jul 15, 2011 at 7:34 AM
Subject: [Aasc-list] More on the Delaware State Climatologist

Dear All,

It has been reported to me that some have concluded that I was fired from the University as a result of the transition of Dan Leathers back to the Delaware State Climatologist.  Nothing could be farther from the truth; permit me to explain.

The Delaware State Climatologist is an unfunded position – we provide service to the public and state agencies, as Dan has said, from the goodness of our hearts.  When John Mather stepped down as the first Delaware State Climatologist in the mid-1990s, Dan took over the position.  In the early 2000s, I joined him as the Associate State Climatologist (since I am a Delaware native, I am very familiar with the state and it’s climate) and we worked together as equal partners to share the load.  When Dan became chair of the Department, we agreed that we would swap hats and at some point in the future, when he stepped down from administration, we would swap back.  Nothing ever changed as we both continued to share the load or what little ‘load’ arises from being in the second smallest state!

On July 1, Dan resigned as Deputy Dean of our College.  In June, he had asked me if I would honor the Gentleman’s agreement that we had made about seven years ago and I said I would.  Actually, the timing is perfect as our Delaware Environmental Observing System (DEOS – is growing from two full-time people to five in the next several months.  So I will be taking a more direct role in DEOS and its mission as a statewide mesonet to serve both the public and state agencies while Dan and I again swap hats in the State Climate Office.  Nothing in my duties will change with respect to the State Climate Office as we both will continue to share the responsibilities and fill in as our schedules allow.  I will still be the Associate State Climatologist.  DEOS, however, continues to establish its position as one of the premier mesonets in the country of which Dan and I are both proud.

I cannot understand why some jumped to the conclusion that there was something more sinister afoot; there isn’t.  I just wanted to let you know that Dan would be representing our office in Asheville and be our official representative to the AASC.  I was hoping that Dan could explain to you his decisions at his discretion.  Oh well, now you know.

Enjoy Asheville!