Tuesday, 21 June 2011

"It's the Sun - Stupid" Re-visited

Joe D'Aleo talks about how the satellite data -" the most reliable data; the best coverage of the globe" - shows that 2008 was the 14th coldest in thirty years; those global datasets have been contaminated by the fact that two thirds of the globe's stations dropped out in 1990 - most of them rural.

Obviously this means that now there is more effect from Urban Heat Islands in the numbers, which exagerrates Global Warming.

Jay Lehr mentions the very low sunspot activity and says: "We are not only in a cooling period, we are going to be staying in it for a couple of decades..."

Jay also says something that our Green/Labor Government should consider before passing any Carbon Dioxide Tax Legislation: "It just seems silly to not recognise that the Earth's climate is driven by the Sun; ....it is really arrogant for mankind to think he controls the climate of the Universe..."

Anthony Watts (WUWT) reports

BREAKING – major AAS solar announcement: Sun’s Fading Spots Signal Big Drop in Solar Activity

and then reports that all three of these lines of research point to the familiar sunspot cycle shutting down for a while.

Turning up the heat on cooling, John O'Sullivan of Climate Realist writes that "NASA has been caught out hiding hiding sunspot data to prop up dying global warming cult. Inconvenient new ice age imminent."

A solar scientist insider who wishes to remain anonymous gives us the scoop that government officials are falsifying solar data to suit a political agenda. Below is his damning indictment of how deeply entrenched and desperate is the climate fraud. We see how observational data is being deliberately faked to hide the decline in sunspot activity; an event which independent scientists say could trigger a new ice age if it is prolonged.

Meanwhile, my mate from down at the Freedom Pub, Alan Caruba writes on his "Warning Signs" blog:
Since the late 1980s a “consensus” of scientists, we were told, agreed that the Earth was in a period of “global warming” and anybody who disputed that was a “skeptic” or a “denier.”

Then, in 1998, the Earth began to cool. The handful of scientists at the heart of the global warming hoax began to sweat and not from the heat, but because they knew their scheme, created and blessed by the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) would soon be revealed. Frantic emails went back and forth as they tried to come up with some way of keeping the lie alive.
Alan mentions that the agricultural economy paid attention to the Sun's activity and kept records.
From 1645 to 1715, virtually no sunspots appeared and this phenomenon called the Maunder Minimum coincided with the Little Ice Age. Rivers froze over in Europe and America. Crops failed. Revolutions occurred.
 Now that we have entered another period of low sun-spot activity, Alan issues this warning:
What is not being said, however, is that this predicted Little Ice Age could very well turn into a very Big Ice Age. It’s due. It could start tomorrow. Bundle up!


THE winter of 1684 stands out as the most extreme in a spell of cold weather in the late 17th and early 18th centuries now known as the Little Ice Age.
The frost, records the diary of Londoner John Evelyn, had started in mid-December and by January 2 the Thames at London Bridge had begun to freeze over. By the 11th there were “streets of booths set up upon the Thames”. By February 3 “coaches plied the ice from Westminster to the Temple” and all London had taken to the ice. There were horse races, puppet shows and bull-baiting in a “Bacchanalian carnival on the water”.

The cold weather experienced in Europe and North America in the late 17th and early 18th centuries is all the more fascinating for having coincided with a period in which astronomers noted an almost complete absence of sunspots.

Read more: http://www.express.co.uk/posts/view/253210/Why-do-we-pretend-to-understand-climate-change-Why-do-we-pretend-to-understand-climate-change-#ixzz1PyVaHdxR


Falsification confirmed - Please Arrange funeral for the AGW hypothesis

When I posted the Bob Carter videos, in the post: "The hypothesis was falsified years ago..." I had many emails saying that temperatures are still rising. Steve Goodard has posted, using the marvellous Wood for Trees facility,  that

GISS Shows No Warming Over The Last Decade

supported by graphs using the GISS temperature records and the Hadley CRUT records. Whilst CO2 levels continue to rise, GISS shows no temperature rise in the last decade, and the CRUT graph shows temperatures falling.










From Steve's REAL SCIENCE:
Even with Hansen’s phony Arctic pink, he can’t keep temperatures rising.
Had CRUT uses a more legitimate scientific approach, and they show temperatures declining over the last decade.