Monday, 6 June 2011

You have been conned.

John Connor, speaking in Adelaide on Sunday, continued the fear campaign - the say YES campaign. The say YES to a tax that will harm Australia raise household expenses and will do nothing to reduce pollution. In fact the tax, is NOT on "Pollution" as Mr Connor states it is a tax on an essential trace gas in the atmosphere - carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is less than 0.04% of the atmosphere. But it is not a tax on ALL that small percentage, the tax is not on the 97%of CO2 that is created by nature, it is only on the 3% emitted by humans, or 3% of 0.04% or 0.0012%.

But wait, there's more. The tax is only on Australia's contribution to the world's human CO2 emissions. Australia's contribution to the total world emissions is less than 2% or 0.000024%.

Will a tax on emissions work? Has the tax on cigarettes stopped smoking? Well, it probably has reduced smoking a little. Will a tax on CO2 emissions work? Not if people are compensated for their increased costs.

Mr Connor, you are conning us. Mr Connor would not defend his part in the fear campaign of the Cate Blanchette piece -

As Andrew Bolt says above: "You have been conned." Now where have I heard the "conned" word before? Oh yes, in the TCS election campaign.


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