Friday, 6 May 2011

Lord Monckton talks to Alex Jones

Quote: ".. The EU  Carbon Trading scheme which has already failed twice and a new report out today suggests that it is now so corrupt from top to bottom that something like 90% of the trades are fraudulent..."

"Soon the lights will be going out over Scotland because these wretched things (Wind Turbines) don't produce any electricity when the wind doesn't blow.." 

Lord Monckton is to tour Australia next month. See Lord Monckton Tour.

We are looking for sponsorship of this tour from citizens, both corporate and individuals, who are interested in a transparent debate on the science and a rational approach to Australia's future well being and prosperity. We believe all fair-minded citizens want a better future without having to sacrifice the progress we have made.

You can deposit funds into the following account:

Westpac Bank - Lord Monckton Tour Account
BANK BSB:  035612
Account:  253068

Once we have sufficient funds, the tour details will be booked and published on several websites.