Saturday, 23 April 2011

Climate Science or Climate Fraud

There has been the fraudulent hockey stick, the tricking up of Temperatures, the "you-scratch-my-back-I'll-scratch-yours" peer-reviews. That should be enough for people to realise that there is no climate disaster, that they are being conned.

Steve Goddard has written on Real Science:

Deluded, Misled Or Dishonest?

The lack of warming has caused much of the global warming community to cross the line into blatant fraud. Cold is not caused by heat or lack of ice. Fewer hurricanes and tornadoes does not mean more hurricanes and tornadoes. Filling in pink temperatures will not make the Earth warmer. Lying about the Arctic will not make the ice disappear. 

The alarmists are running out of answers. Recently, a constant alarmist warming pusher from Queensland stopped posting prowarming nonsense on this blog when I gave him a question that he could not answer.

If you read the post - AGW - A falsified hypothesis: it starts

Albert Einstein once said, “No amount of experimentation can ever prove me right; a single experiment can prove me wrong.” 


That post has eight falsifications on the AGW hypothesis. As Einstein wrote - once is enough.