Monday, 18 April 2011

Dear Ms Wong and Mr Hunt

Letter to Penny Wong and Greg Hunt by TCS President Leon Ashby 

Dear Penny and Greg,
The weak end of a carbon (dioxide) tax 

                                    On ABC-TV's QandA you both rejected a question from a female scientist.  I would like to repeat a similar question to you and for you to answer it on your web sites.

The IPCC and other scientific bodies have determined the amounts of CO2  in the atmosphere. It is 1/27th of 1%.

My Questions to you both are:
  • Did you know how little man made CO2 is in the air? 
  • Why did both of you reject a question which was stating facts?

 It was like saying we reject that the earth revolves around the sun or rejecting that rain is H2O.

Do you have better information on the gaseous make up of the atmosphere?

 If you do please give us the details on your web site.  If either of you do not explain yourself on your web sites I will take it that you have little knowledge of precisely what a CO2 tax or ETS or Direct Action will (or will not) do.

And by the way - If Australia reduces its CO2 emissions by 5% (changing the air composition by 1/1,000,000th of 1%) will you be able to look everyone in the eye who loses their jobs, in the process that you had checked out the facts without prejudice and to the best of your ability?  

Greg Hunt has since correctly replied to this email that CO2 has risen from 280 ppm to 380 ppm since the 1800s. However it seems he hasn`t quite worked out that those are small numbers (e.g. a rise of 100 parts per million or 1 part in 10,000).
Of the 380 ppm only 13 ppm will be manmade.
Of that only 0.2 ppm will be Australias contribution
Of that only 0.01 ppm will be reduced by our carbon tax or ETS

Don`t trust me - check the Maths for yourself.

Leon Ashby
Recipient of the Centenary Medal for services to Conservation and the Environment