Saturday, 16 April 2011

Gillard's job is her priority

ABC News reports:
One of Australia's largest steelmakers says jobs will be lost if the industry is not fully compensated for a carbon tax.

Yesterday, Australian Workers Union national secretary Paul Howes said the steel industry was facing unique challenges and should be exempt from the carbon tax or fully compensated for it.
Mr Howes warned the Government would lose his union's support if there was just one job lost as a result of the tax.
Just one Job? Too late,  it has already cost Kevin Rudd his PM's job, it has cost Malcolm Turnbull the opposition leader's job. That's two. It is threatening Julia Gillard's job. Probably threatening Paul Howes' job as well, as Union members wake up to the fact that it is a tax based on a flawed hypothesis.

So Mr Howes should withdraw his union's support for the Carbon Dioxide Tax.

At the meeting where union members gave Greg Combet a fiery reception, Paul Howes said the AWU would not support a carbon pricing scheme if it cost the jobs of any of its members.

"We believe steel is a core component of what we are as a country, because we believe Australia should be a country that makes things," he said. 

This is frightening the PM and so she is expanding her magic pudding.

Remember Mr Combet said all the tax raised would be used to compensate (or overcompensate) households. Remember Mr Combet promised the UN Green Climate fund almost $600 million from the tax raised. Remember high emitting industries (incorrectly called high polluting industries) are to be compensated from the pudding tax as well.

Now the PM, worried about losing union support, has decided to expand the magic pudding and compensate the high CO2 emitters even more. From Steven Scott, The Courier Mail:

THE Gillard Government is considering further compensation for high-polluting export industries hit by its carbon tax, including steel manufacturers.
Labor faces demands for a series of handouts for industries after a number of large unions warned the carbon tax could cost jobs.
The destructive  Greens, who want to close Australia down. will not be happy with this decission.

Don't vote Greens

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, The Catholic bishops "have warned the faithful against voting for the Greens in the state election, saying some of their policies were of ''grave concern''. (Link in title)
A two-page document entitled The Green Agenda is being circulated by Catholic agencies and through schools. It states the party's human rights and social policy areas are in direct conflict ''with the beliefs and values of virtually all religious people, and the beliefs of many other people as well''.
''Greens who are elected will bring a whole set of policies. You cannot pick and choose. They are not only concerned for the environment,'' it reads.
One item that the Greens letter outlines is " the Greens' treatment of personal drug use as a health and social issue ''and therefore acceptable''

So what are the Greens Policies?  I went to the NSW Greens policy site and got this message: Access denied. You may need to login below or register to access this page.

So, the fall-back option is The Australian Greens policies:

No coal - No Nuclear                           Hello Power outages; goodbye comfort;
Marine parks around Australia            Goodbye to fishing and fish as food;
Carbon dioxide price on Motor Fuel   Goodbye low grocery prices and transport
No more HECS                                    Cost $23billion -up go your taxes
Expand youth allowances                    Another $1 billion
Inheritance taxes                                  Say goodbye to the family home, you children 
World Governance                               Say Goodbye to Australia for Australians.

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