Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Lord Monckton Tour with Joanne Nova and David Evans


The question is:

Does the Science justify the introduction of a carbon tax? 

To answer that question we are organising a visit to Australia by

Lord Christopher Monckton

Lord Monckton is one of the World's great communicators
and is backed by a first-rate
team of Climate Sceptics.

Joanne Nova and Dr David Evans

Jo and David are two of Australia's premier sceptics of global warming.

Jo has a distinguished academic background in science. 

Dr Evans created and set up the carbon accounting models at the Australian Greenhouse Office

We are looking for sponsorship of this tour from citizens, both corporate and individuals, who are interested in a transparent debate on the science and a rational approach to Australia's future well being and prosperity. We believe all fair-minded citizens want a better future without having to sacrifice the progress we have made.

You can deposit funds into the following account:

Westpac Bank - Lord Monckton Tour Account
BANK BSB:  035612
Account:  253068

Ross McKittrick and the Hockey Stick Graph.

Ross McKittrick explains how he and  Stephen McIntyre tried to get the data for the Hockey Stick graph and finally exposed it. Professor Bob Carter calls McKittrick "the Dragon Slayer."

Climate facts Labor overlooked

by Bob Carter, Alan Moran & David Evans

April 3, 2011 From Quadrant on Line

An internal strategy paper has been provided to Labor MPs for use in the promotion of the Government’s proposed new carbon dioxide tax.
The Team of Carter, Moran and Evans offer critiques of the two most substantive parts of that paper, namely “Carbon Price” and “Climate Impact on Australia”. The full text of Labor's propaganda paper is posted (pdf) here...

I have posted a couple of the Labor propaganda items and  the Team's answers as a teaser. For the full article, there is a link in the title above.

2. We want the top 1,000 biggest polluting companies to pay for each tonne of carbon (sic) pollution they produce.
Carbon dioxide is not a pollutant, but rather a natural and vital trace gas in Earth’s atmosphere, an environmental benefit without which our planetary ecosystems could not survive. Increasing carbon dioxide makes many plants grow faster and better, and helps to green the planet. If carbon dioxide were to drop to a third of current levels, most plant life on the planet, followed by animal life, would die. ........

4. Australia is the worst per head carbon emitter in the developed world.
This statement is untrue.
According the latest UN Human Development Report, Australia emits 18 tonnes per capita of carbon dioxide. Other countries with high emissions include Luxemburg (24.5 tonnes), the US (19 tonnes), the UAE (32.8 tonnes), Qatar (56.2 tonnes), and Kuwait (31.2 tonnes).   Australia’s emissions are higher than those of many other countries largely because we have cheap coal, little hydro-electric potential, and have banned nuclear power. ...........

Excellent article.

Is CO2 a pollutant?

Dr Ross McKittrick, University of Guelph, Canada:
It's very important to remember that CO2 is not a pollutant,'s a natural part of the atmosphere, it's part of our own respiration and it's plant food.

Piers Corbyn interviewed by RT's Laura Emmett

The people who claim it's (caused by) global warming are either ignorant or wish to mislead the public for political and financial ends.