Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Julia Gillard signs pact with Extremist Gang -Greens

Support  Notes:
Prime Minister Julia Gillard has taken a swipe at the Greens who she says forced her about-turn on a carbon tax, labelling them one of the "extremes" in Australian politics.  17/3

Australia must reject the extremes of the debate, no matter from where on the political spectrum they emerge. 24/3

Gillard branded Abbott as an extremist for associating with extremists. Yes, the crowd contained Pauline Hanson, denunciations of Gillard as a bitch and plenty of climate change deniers. In a classic tactic, Gillard attacked Abbott for associating himself with "One Nation, with the League of Rights, with anti-Semitic groups and with grossly sexist signs". She hit every sensitivity among those voters suspicious of Abbott.  26/3

Mr Dreyfuss and Mr Combet especially to call this polite well-behaved rally extremist must mean that Mr Combet has forgotten another angry protest in which he was involved. Do you remember when Unionists smashed their way into parliament house and created much damage?

I challenge Mr Dreyfuss to substantiate his statement that The Climate Sceptics party is an extremist organisation. Our policies are on-line for the world to see. Centralist - Mr Dreyfuss.

Now, Mr Dreyfuss, I would call an anti-Australian sovereignty party an extremist party, wouldn't you?