Friday, 25 March 2011

Labor and Greens exaggerate to evade hard questions

Letter to the editors by Leon Ashby - TCS President.

Dear Sir,
Leon Ashby.
              In today's world where tolerance and understanding are touted by politicians, Greg Combet, Bob Brown and Julia Gillard are into prejudice and exaggeration by calling people names like extremists and deniers.

If they are really truthful and honest, here are the questions they should openly face up to:

 1: Where is the scientist that shows us CO2 will make the planet 3-5 degrees C warmer in 2100?
     If there isn`t one, why the panic?

 2: In 10 years time Australia might reduce it`s CO2 by 5% when the Chinese  plan to increase theirs
     by  600 times that amount
     So why are we going to do it?

3: Where is the scientist that precisely predicts the World's temperature according to CO2 levels?
     If there is none, how do you know CO2 is the culprit?

4: If Labor and the Greens are reasonable people and think Australians want a Carbon (dioxide) tax
    that will cost us jobs, why not call an election and confirm it by winning a majority in both houses?

It's really that simple.

Leon Ashby
President, The Climate Sceptics

Mark Dreyfuss - Denier of Science

In an interview with 2UE's Jason Morrison (link in title), Climate Change Parliamentary Secretary Mark Dreyfuss made some extremist remarks. He said the rally was attended by extremist groups. His boss Greg Combet (see You're so wrong Greg Combet) had previous said that the rally was by extremists. Mr Combet was invited on to the program but declined and the Parliamentary Secretary attended in his place.

Mr Dreyfuss also made the extraordinary statement that Tony Abbott was standing in front of placards associated with these groups. Well, sir, the one placard that was prominently behind Mr Abbott was created by a child of around 14 years. Surely that child was not a member of an extremist group. If I had anything to do with the rally, I would not have approved that sign or one other, Having said that, there were more than 1000 signs. Two slightly offensive signs. Less than 0.2% and the media and Mr Dreyfuss have to single out those two. Mr Dreyfuss also singled out one other, but more of that in a minute. Also, Mr Abbott should not be held responsible for a sign that appeared out of his sight behind him after he began speaking. What rot!

For Mr Dreyfuss and Mr Combet especially to call this polite well-behaved rally extremist must mean that Mr Combet has forgotten another angry protest in which he was involved. Do you remember when Unionists smashed their way into parliament house and created much damage? That was the day I resigned from my unions. See footage here thanks to 2UE's Mike Smith.

So, I challenge Mr Dreyfuss to substantiate his statement that The Climate Sceptics party is an extremist organisation. Our policies are on-line for the world to see. Centralist - Mr Dreyfuss.  Mr Dreyfuss' ALP has signed a deal with a party that I would call extremist, a party that wants to renounce Australian sovereignty, a party that wants Australia governed by the United Nations. Now, Mr Dreyfuss, I would call an anti-Australian sovereignty party an extremist party, wouldn't you? The Greens anti-Australia stance can be found here.

Jason asked Mr Dreyfuss whether he had problems with the Socialist Alliance. Mr Dreyfuss answered that he did have problems with the Socialist Alliance. His own leader Julia Gillard was an executive with the Social Alliance until a few short years ago. Mr Dreyfuss said Tony Abbott must disassociate himself from the extremist groups, will he call on the Prime Minister to disassociate herself from the extremist Socialist Alliance?

Mr Dreyfuss said that there were climate change deniers at that rally. Well, Mr Dreyfuss, I did not see anyone who denied that climate changes. As a member of The Climate Sceptics, we all know that climate changes, that climate has always changed.

Mr Dreyfuss said that some-one was holding a sign that said: Carbon dioxide is not pollution – I love CO2 . He added: "That person is clearly denying the "science" of Climate change.

Or, perhaps are you denying the science of Climate change, Mr Dreyfuss. Do you rely on the crumbling edifice of the political body, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Their brief was to blame man-made CO2 emissions for runaway global warming. So far the runaway warming has not happened and the IPCC has admitted to us in correspondence that they have not yet been able to establish the link. (That correspondence can be provided on request.)

Many IPCC scientific reviewers do not agree with the report issued by the IPCC. Even the IPCC's reports for policy makers differ from their own scientific reports. Feet of clay. 

Mr Dreyfuss, just refer to the data from the Vostok Ice Core samples. The temperature rises before the rise in atmospheric CO2. That was the primary reason why Dr David Evans left your department

Here is a video from CANdo. Do you really think that these are all extremists and dinosaurs?