Friday, 11 March 2011

The PR machine is working overtime

Now that the provebial has hit the fan with Ms Gillard's carbon tax, Professor Garnault has been rolled out scare-mongering and threatening an inundation that will mean you will soon be able to buy beachfront properties in Katoomba. Pity he didn't tell Climate Change Minister Greg Combet:

Combet's new luxury home

Ben Cubby    November 16, 2007

High-profile Labor candidate Greg Combet has bought a beach front house in one of Newcastle's most exclusive suburbs, 10 kilometres outside the blue-collar seat of Charlton he is contesting, and plans to live there after the election.
Zeg's Take -thanks!
Mr Combet, who is currently renting a house inside Charlton, said he can still properly represent the safe Labor seat after the poll from his new $940,000 home.

I notice also that Australian TV channels are rolling out  "An Inconvenient Truth," the disgraced film by Al Gore.

An Inconvenient Verdict for Al Gore