Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Two lies - Carbon tax and Carbon Pollution (with Updates)

People's lack of knowledge about the matter most people are discussing is amazing.

This is not colourless CO2
Ms Gillard lied when she said she wouldn't introduce a carbon tax. The inner lie is her use of the wriggle-word - "carbon." She actually intends to tax carbon dioxide. When she and her minister Greg Combet drone on about polluters, they are telling more porkies. The "polluters" that they refer to are actually carbon dioxide emitters. Carbon dioxide is essential to life and therefore cannot be called pollution, Carbon Dioxide is one part carbon and two parts oxygen. As I've said before, it would be closer to the truth to call it an oxygen tax. Of course the most accurate description is a tax on essential CO2.

This is not CO2 being emitted.

As I have said before, the other great lie is the visual one, -how the print and electronic media depict colourless CO2.

Outstanding journalist, Terry McCrann wote an opinion piece this week entitled:
Carbon not the same thing as CO2 

"ASTONISHINGLY, the PM, the Cabinet and members of the Canberra Press Gallery don't know the difference between carbon and carbon dioxide.
There are two great lies told about the need to "put a price on carbon". Lies which I can't recall a single member of the gallery ever confronting the liars with -- far less the prime liar herself.
And it'll be a cold day in hell before you see a critical commentary from any of the supposed leading lights of the gallery such as Fairfax's Michelle Grattan or Peter Hartcher applying a critical analysis to the claims.
Now these two lies are in addition to Julia Gillard's "there will be no carbon tax" lie. They precede it and will be told again and again after it."

IRONICALLY, Terry McCrann's editor used  a picture of cooling towers emitting steam (like the bottom picture) perpetuating the visual CO2 pollution lie.

There is a questionaire doing the rounds. It was prepared by Gregg D Thompson, Author of science magazine articles, Climate Researcher, Astronomer, Environmentalist.

I believe his first question should be:

Do you know that the government intends to tax CO2 emissions with the falsely named "carbon" tax?

Anyhow, below is an edited version of Gregg's Questionaire:

Question 1. What percentage of the atmosphere do you think is CO2?

Question 2. Have you ever seen the percentage given in any media? 

Question 3. What percentage of the CO2 is man-made? 

Question 4. What percentage of the man-made CO2 does Australia produce? 

Question 5. Is CO2 is a pollutant?
Q6. Have you seen any evidence that CO2 causes a greenhouse effect?
"As carbon dioxide levels have increased over the last 10 years, have there been any observations providing evidence that that has caused the temperature of the planet increase?"

The answers to these questions are fundamental to evaluating the global warming scare YET almost no one knows the facts. However, without this knowledge we can’t make an informed decision about whether Climate Change is natural or not.


Q1. What % of the air is CO2?

Respondent’s Answers: nearly all were 20% - 40%, the highest was 75% while the lowest were 10%- 2%.

The Correct Answer: CO2 is less than a mere four 100ths of 1%!

Q2. Have you seen a percentage for CO2 given in the media?
Respondent’s answers: All said ’No’.

Q3. What % of CO2 do humans produce?
Respondent’s answers ranged from as high as 100% with most estimating it to be between 75% to 25% and only four said they thought it was between 10% and 2 %.

The Correct Answer: Nature produces nearly all of it. Humans produce only 3%.

Q4. What % of man-made CO2 does Australia produce?
Respondent’s Answers ranged from 20% to 5%.

The Correct Answer is 1% of the 0.001% of man-made CO2. 

Q5. Is CO2 is a pollutant?
Respondent’s Answers: All thought it was a pollutant, at least to some degree.

The Correct Answer: CO2 is a harmless, trace gas. It is as necessary for life - just as oxygen and nitrogen are. It is a natural gas that is clear, tasteless and odourless. It is in no way a pollutant.
Q6. Have you seen any evidence that CO2 causes a greenhouse effect?
"As carbon dioxide levels have increased over the last 10 years, have there been any observations providing evidence that that has caused the temperature of the planet increase?"
Respondent’s Answers: Most did not know of any definite proof. Some said they thought the melting of the Arctic and glaciers was possibly proof.

The Correct Answer: There is no proof at all. 

The answer is no as the temperature has dropped (other than in the virtual worlds of computer models) and even if it had not dropped, the climate system is far too complex and too little understood to give anything but a negative answer.

Terry  McCrann writes:
Every time Gillard or Climate Change Minister Greg Combet mouths the term "carbon pollution", a competent journalist would ask questions like:
Do you understand that you are referring to what you are breathing out? Please explain how this is pollution? How are you going to stop personally polluting? Why don't you use the accurate term carbon dioxide?
Gavin Atkins from Hybrid News Ltd writes:

Gillard’s brand new carbon tax lie

On ABC’s 7.30 program last night, Julia Gillard was asked why Australia should put a price on carbon dioxide when the United States does not and she responded with this:
JULIA GILLARD: Well we have to look at our own national interest and our own national circumstances. The reality is we are bigger emitters of carbon pollution per head of population than the United States of America.
Atkins then, using IPCC figures, shows Australia uses less! He also reminds us of Kevin Rudd's oft-told lie that Australia is the hottest and driest continent on Earth and concludes:

So if the argument for a tax is so good, why have Rudd and Gillard found it necessary to fabricate so much information?


Bob Carter has a new opinion piece in Quadrant-on-line.

Global warming: 10 little facts

by Bob Carter   March 14, 2011
He starts off with 10 lies, including the above.

UPDATE: More Gillard lies.....