Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Bob Carter and the people's revolt.

Letter from Professor Carter:

People’s Revolt against Carbon Dioxide Taxation

You will almost certainly have heard the news that last Wednesday, February 23, Prime Minister Gillard announced on behalf of her Multi-Party Committee on Climate Change an in-principle commitment to introduce a carbon dioxide tax in Australia on July 1, 2012, to be replaced by an emissions trading scheme several years later.

The result of all such schemes is an immediate and significant increase in the cost of living (the precise cost depending upon the level at which the tax is levied per tonne of carbon dioxide emitted).  The tax will achieve absolutely no measurable effect on future climate.. It is not an environmental good measure, but a revenue raising measure that will hurt poor people most (i.e., the tax is regressive). In fact, in such terms, it is simply a con

There have been immediate and spontaneous protests against the tax from persons and groups across Australia. You may recall, also, that a previous plan to introduce a similar Emissions Trading Scheme was defeated three times in Canberra, the final time in the Senate in part because of a massive people’s protest that was registered from across the country to politicians in Canberra.

As summarised in the attached briefing document, plans are afoot to continue with present protests against this new tax, and, if necessary, to launch yet another (fourth) wave of protests to Canberra,

Don't talk about the Science/

In Quadrant on Line. Professor Bob Carter has addressed the current debate on anthropogenic global warming and MSM coverage (see link in title above.)
Yet as I write, and after almost 4 days of saturation press coverage, not a single mainstream media commentator appears to have discussed the real issue at hand.
That issue is, of course, supposedly dangerous global warming caused by human carbon dioxide emissions. And note the two adjectives “supposedly” and “dangerous”, for both are critically important to the debate that we are failing to have.
Bob's busting of the hypothesis of dangerous global warming can be found here.
So what about the famous global warming which occurred in the late 20th century, whatever happened to that? Well, not only did the gentle warming terminate in 1998, but in accord with natural climate cycling that warming has been followed by a gentle cooling since about 2001. That’s ten years of no temperature increase, let alone dangerous increase, over the same time period that atmospheric carbon dioxide increased by about 5%.
Run that past me again, Professors Garnaut and Flannery – your advice to government still remains that human carbon dioxide emissions are causing dangerous global warming?
I have written below about business needing a certainty of a carbon dioxide price. Before the election, both parties said no carbon (dioxide) tax. Wasn't that certainty?
Dragging another skeletal warhorse out of the cupboard, Mr Combet makes the highly original assertion that “Business needs the certainty of a carbon (sic) price”. Yes, it most certainly does, Minister, and as Terry McCrann has endlessly pointed out, that certainty should be a price for carbon dioxide emissions of zero dollars per tonne. Then the power utility companies can get on with planning the mix of new coal, gas and nuclear power stations that are now urgently needed to secure Australia’s future.

Our thoughts on Mr Combet can be found here.

Emissions of CO2

CNNMoney has published a report entitled Global Warming's "Biggest Jerks." They are
  1. Meaning Anthropogenic Global Warming;
  2. Assuming that a few degrees warming is bad;
  3. Assuming that emitting CO2 is pollution.

Here are their "worst offenders."

Notice  that the first four are China, The United States, Russia and India. None of these countries has or intends to have a price on carbon (dioxide emissions.) Australia doesn't even make the top 10. The fifth country, Japan, last December turned its back on the Kyoto agreement.

Why is it then that our PM says if we don't put a price on carbon (dioxide emissions), we will be left behind? We are like a sardine trying to steer a pod of whales.

To be fair, CNN's next graph (Link in title above) show Australia to be the biggest per capita "polluter."
(H/T Bruce)