Thursday, 24 February 2011

Is our Prime Minister GILLARD a liar?

Before the last election, Ms Gillard made a promise. From ninemsn - one of many reports at that time:
Kym Smith Source: The Australian
Prime Minister Julia Gillard has said there will not be a tax on carbon while she leads the federal government.
Deputy Prime Minister Wayne Swan last week said if Labor won the August 21 poll, there would not be a carbon tax during its next three years in power.
Ms Gillard seemed to go a step further on Monday.
"There will be no carbon tax under the government I lead," she told Network Ten.
So, after having today declared AUSTRALIA will have a carbon tax for three to five years before a full emissions trading scheme is introduced.... I must ask - Is she a liar?

Well, theoretically, no. You ask what is my reasoning? Well, she would have to still be in power at 1st July next year. Now, it is up to the backstabbers that did the Rudd ridding to save Julia's honour honesty.
If they rid us of Julia as well before July 1st next year, it won't be a lie, will it?

What we all should do is write to our local MP, to our State's Senators and express our disgust about this dishonest about turn. while you're at it, tell them also calling it a carbon tax is dishonest. It is a tax on colourless, vital-to-life carbon DIOXIDE.

Notice the gang in the picture from Kym Smith Source: The Australian. The two "Indepedents" Tony Windsor and Rob Oakeshott,  and the galloping Greens.

 Did you know that state Labor MP Kerry Hickey handed out "How to Vote" cards for "Independent" Oakeshott?
Nationals advertising for the 2008 by-election that saw the "independent' win the NSW north coast seat of Lyne attacked him as a Labor stooge.
Their fears appeared confirmed when Kerry Hickey, the Labor MP for the state seat of Cessnock, a three-hour drive away, was spotted on a polling booth in an Oakeshott T-shirt handing out how-to-vote cards.
Julia (or should that be JuLIAR?) had a shouting match with Alan Jones  hear here.

The Daily Telegraph says
PM's broken promises to cost

Accused yesterday by the Opposition of betraying Australians, Ms Gillard formally broke a key election pledge and announced that the Government would impose a price on pollution from July 1, 2012, with a full emissions trading scheme to be operating as early as 2015. It will be the most complex and broad-ranging carbon tax of almost any country in the world.

In the Alan Jones' interview (above) Ms Gillard defended the tax saying that business leaders supported it. In the Herald-Sun, Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry chief Peter Anderson
slammed the plan, labelling it "a blow for the competitiveness of Australian business, especially small and medium-sized enterprises".
"The extra lead in the saddlebags of Australian business will not reduce overall global emissions, nor will it help save the jobs that will be exported offshore to countries without a carbon scheme," he said.
Carrying on the business theme, in  Business Spectator, Alan Kohler says:
If a material carbon tax really is imposed on July 1 next year, and commodity prices and the Australian dollar have not corrected by then, manufacturing will be devastated.

In fact this whole carbon emissions issue is looking more and more like either a national emergency as great as any we have faced, or a reason for concerted national procrastination.

As well as lying with her election promise, Julia deceptively calls it a carbon tax when, in fact, it is a tax on colourless vital-to-life Carbon Dioxide. Carbon dioxide ie one part carbon to two parts oxygen. More oxygen than carbon. Why doesn't she call it an oxygen tax?