Friday, 28 January 2011

Who is running NSW? An unaccountable rabble.

Cowardly Kristina Keneally gave NSW a Christmas present. She shut down parliament or, more correctly, she prorogued NSW Parliament. Now, to the best of my understanding, the act of proroguing is the act of discontinuing Parliament without actually dissolving Parliament.

Why did she do this?

She didn't want the details exposed for her Government's power sell-off. So, for more than a month, the state has been rudderless, no parliament running the state but an unaccountable rabble running us.

We believe that the details of the shady sale should be brought to light and so, we are requesting the Governor Marie Bashir to recall Parliament.

We ask that you write to The Climate Sceptics and we will forward the replies to the Governor - Her Excellency  Professor Marie Bashir.

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The Governor of NSW

We want the Parliament of NSW recalled NOW.
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