Thursday, 20 January 2011

The Green Climate Monster

Green Climate Monster

Australian Climate Madness

Over at Australian Climate Madness, Simon has written a beautiful piece on the Green Climate Monster. a wonderous beast who just "happens to have the same initials as general circulation models - that's pure coincidence of course." 

He adds: "After many minutes of painstaking research, Australian Climate Madness has decreed that all unusual or severe weather events of whatever nature, anywhere in the world, are solely the mischievous work of the Green Climate Monster (he gets bored easily)."

It's worth a look - the link is in the title above. Nice work, Simon.

CO2 is No threat - A CARBON TAX is - Corvette Z06

CO2 is No threat - A CARBON TAX is
Press Release

The Climate Sceptics are sponsoring a front runner in Bathurst 12 hr race on Feb 6th

A favorite for this years Bathurst 12 hour race will be sponsorsed by The Climate Sceptics political party.

The Corvette ZO6 driven by Paul Freestone, Hayden Pullen and David Seiders is one of the more fancied cars in the Class C section of the Bathurst 12 hr race being run on Sunday 6th February.

The message on the car will be "CO2 is No threat - A CARBON TAX is"

President of The Climate Sceptics Leon Ashby is thrilled with the sponsorship deal because "this is one of the first bunch of sportsmen prepared to thumb their nose at green extremism and publicly say CO2 is not effecting the climate and  the Carbon tax debate is a big con."

Mr Ashby says "The reason the sponsorship deal was done was as much the driving teams decision as ours. They have researched the information from web sites like ours and recognise a carbon tax will do nothing for the environment but it will force up power and food prices and cost Australian jobs. Like us, they cannot believe how uninformed the Australian public is on this issue. We then simply worked out a deal."

Ashby, the Environmental award winner and former farmer believes an environmental and political message mixed with car racing is long overdue. He explains that Carbon dioxide is not a pollutant, but makes plants grow faster. "It is really a green gas, but the greens have demonised it."
"We hope this sponsorship arrangement will start to get rid of our guilt with cars and realise that with modern engines and unleaded petrol, very little pollution occurs nowadays. And as far as global warming goes, the planet will be fine - the latest reports about to be released are likely to show Sea levels are dropping and global temperatures have been flat since 1998 levels. These facts should be recognised."

Leon Ashby
President The Climate Sceptics

Australian Driver Magazine has reported on the story:

Controversial Sponsorship for 12 Hour Entrant

“It’ll probably be quite controversial in some quarters, but it’s something we really believe in,” Pullen said.
”They have some great policies. One very close to our hearts is the party's word they will work towards more of our fuel taxes going towards funding our national highways transport infrastructure.”


Prime 7 News Report:  Here