Friday, 14 January 2011

A taxing problem -CO2

Letter to the Editor by President Leon Ashby

Climate Denial and Severe Floods

Dear Sir / Madam
              Many supporters of a carbon tax are calling "climate sceptics"  climate deniers and claiming extreme weather events like floods will increase unless we adopt CO2 reduction measures. These ideas are total bunkum.
 Climate Sceptics  observe the regular changes of climate from warmer to colder and dryer to wetter etc. We realise it's all natural variation happening since long ago and nothing (of any consequence) to do with mankind. This includes the regular extremes of rainfall and destructive flood events as we are now seeing in Queensland.

 The death toll from Australian floods demonstrates the severity and constancy of severe floods.  It includes 61 deaths at Clermont in 1961, 36 deaths in Melbourne in 1934, 22 deaths in Northern Tasmania in 1929, 14 deaths in the Hunter Valley in 1955, 14 deaths in Brisbane in 1974, 11 deaths in Brisbane 1893, 6 deaths in the Charleville and Nyngan floods in 1990, and 3 deaths at Katherine in 1998. Interestingly Brisbane's biggest flood was in 1841.

 So should extra CO2 from the last 50 years be blamed for our floods? Clearly not, because dangerous floods have always happened.

And what are the facts about the Governments plan to reduce CO2?
Well, Australia plans to reduce its CO2 emissions by 5% by 2020.
This will amount to impacting the atmosphere by one part in 100 million*

* Greenhouse gases are 1% of atmosphere
CO2 is 3.6% of all Greenhouse gases
Man-made CO2 is 3.4% of all CO2
Australia's proportion is 1.5% of all manmade CO2.

We are planning to reduce our amount by 5% in the coming decade. That is the equivalent of reducing a 100 km string by just one millimetre.

The logic of climate fear mongers is staggering.

Leon Ashby
President The Climate Sceptics