Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Last Chances at Durban Prices

It's like the old doomsayers waving banners that said: "The end of the world is nigh."

Asian Correspondent Gavin Atkins points out

An updated history of last chances to save the world

Back in 1992, the Rio Earth Summit was promoted as the last chance to save the planet.
But then, so was Johannesburg in 2002.

But that was before the Bali climate conference became the last chance to save the world in 2007.

And let’s not forget Poznan in 2008 which was the last chance to save the world according to the World Wildlife Fund.

And who could forget the last chance to save the world at Copenhagen, as proposed to us by the UK’s leading expert on climate change, Sir Nicholas Stern.

But now it’s official. This year’s Durban Conference, the United Nation’s Convention on Climate Change, known as COP 17, is once again the last chance to save the world:
Churches claim Durban conference is mankind’s last chance
Rev. Dr. Olav Fyske Tveit, who leads the World Council of Churches, says the upcoming climate conference in South Africa is mankind’s ‘last opportunity’ to address climate change.
In the Alarmist rag, The Guardian Alok Jha also thinks that "the end of world (is) really nigh."
All too real are the human-caused threats born of climate change, excess pollution, depletion of natural resources and the madness of nuclear weapons. We tinker with our genes and atoms at our own peril. Nanotechnology, synthetic biology and genetic modification offer much potential in giving us better food to eat, safer drugs and a cleaner world, but they could also go wrong if misapplied or if we charge on without due care.
Martin Rees, Britain's astronomer royal and former president of the Royal Society, warned in his 2003 book, Our Final Century?, that the odds of human civilisation surviving beyond 2100 are no more than 50%, given the easy access to technologies that could have global impacts, such as biological terrorism, or the potential adverse impacts of molecular nanotechnology.


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