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Will the real McCloy please stand up...

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The science is out on whether Sea Levels are rising. As this blog has written before, data show that Sea Levels are falling - LINK. Coastal councils have been scared by the hyperbole from the AGW alarmists and have made some irrational decisions.

The NSW Government is also pushing the Alarmist line.
Coastal Sea Level Rises
The New South Wales Government recently released new coastal planning guidelines covering the state’s 15,000 kilometres of coastline under the title “Coastal Planning Guideline: Adapting to Sea Level Rise”. As reported in the Central Coast Express on 25 August 2010 the new State Government guidelines are designed to help local councils and state agencies considered the impact of proposed sea level rises when planning for the New South Wales coast expected 600,000 new residents by 2036. The new guidelines urge local government councils to consider applications on land which could be affected by future coastal changes or sea level rises by 2100. The new guidelines suggest strict criteria which may include designing homes which can be relocated away from or above risk areas.
Both Gosford City Council and Wyong Shire Council have been considering sea level rises for a number of years. It is now claimed up to 12,000 homes on the Central Coast could be affected by potential sea level rises. Gosford and Wyong Councils were identified as the second and third most vulnerable council regions in the state after Lake Macquarie.

 One resident of the aforementioned Lake Macquarie council has decided to fight back.

As reported by the Newcastle Herald (here), 
HUNTER businessman Jeff McCloy says he will mount a class action against Lake Macquarie City Council for devaluing waterfront properties with its climate change policy.
Mr McCloy, who owns a waterfront property at Belmont, said the council must explain what scientific evidence it had to back up its claims about rising sea levels and the effects of climate change.
‘‘My current view is they will have a class action against them for reducing the value of our properties,’’ Mr McCloy said. ‘‘I figure I’ll get a class action going and take the idiots to court, I’m serious.’’
‘I’ll put them on notice and ask what evidence they have to make these ridiculous claims,’’ he said.
‘‘We have the right to know the scientific basis for their claims and whether they are using theoretical models that have no definitive way of determining the future.’’
Lake Macquarie mayor Greg Piper said the council did not need evidence but a ‘‘basis’’.
 Climate Change Minister Greg Combet has a new house not far from Mr McCloy's. When questioned by Andrew Bolt about his belief in climate change, stated his unequivocal faith in the alarmist scenarios, and then seemed utterly confused as to why he’d be questioned about his recent purchase of a nice house at sea level:

Andrew Bolt: Are you personally convinced that man is heating the world and heating it dangerously?
Greg Combet: Yes, I am.
Bolt: Why did you then buy a beachside house?
Combet: WHAT?
Bolt: Your house in Newcastle on the beachside?
Combet: What on earth has that got to do with anything?
Bolt: RISING SEAS, Greg, of up to 100 metres by the next century …
Combet: That’s just ridiculous!

(From Janet Thompson's Quadrant On Line article The Idiocy Continues.

 And let us not forget Professor Tim Flannery. Tim's tome The Weather Makers has faced complete deconstruction by Wes Allen (see HERE and HERE). The Inconvenient truth is the Tim Flannery also owns a waterfront property at Cobra Point. Listen to Ray Hadley talking of Flannery HERE.

I know who I think is the real McCloy.

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  1. Bolt: RISING SEAS, Greg, of up to 100 metres by the next century …
    Combet: That’s just ridiculous!

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