Saturday, 22 October 2011

UN Rigged Temperature Data; Sea Levels not rising.

International Climate Science Coalition's Tom Harris writes:
The U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) has just confirmed the pioneering research conducted by Anthony Watts, the author of the prominent Web site “Watts Up With That?. Watts showed in a 2009 report (right) that the U.S. Historical Climate Network (USHCN) surface temperature record is unreliable. The GAO now concurs. 

USHCN data is combined with temperature records from around the world to determine global temperature trends. This trend is then used as the basis of the assessment reports of the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change on which governments base climate and energy policy costing hundreds of billions of dollars.
But the GAO has found that “42 percent of the active stations [in the USHCN] in 2010 did not meet one or more of the siting standards.”
 It has taken the GAO two years but Anthony Watts' records have been confirmed. Also, although there are different interpretations, the Berkeley Earth Surface temperature (BEST) confirms that there has been a long pause in global warming.

Nigel Calder writes:

Global warming real? Not recently, folks. The black curve in the graph confirms what experts have known for years, that warming stopped in the mid-1990s, when the Sun was switching from a manic to a depressive phase.
And just to make the alarmists' day, latest report from Professor Nils-Axel Morner confirms that

Sea levels not rising

Contrary to prevailing scientific opinion, a Climate Change conference organised by the University of Mumbai and the Liberty Institute, New Delhi, and INSTUCEN India study centre on Friday claimed that the sea levels were not rising and carbon dioxide did not pose a special threat to the climate. Sea levels in the Indian Ocean were not rising and cities like Mumbai, islands like Maldives or Tuvalu would not be affected at all, speakers stated.
The audience clapped at every statement made by Professor Nils-Axel Morner, retired professor from Stockholm University, who enlightened a large group of appreciative students and professors on the perils of the estimates of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). He attacked Maldives president Mohammed Nasheed's claims that his island nation was drowning and said this was totally unfounded in observational reality. The one-day conference, “Shifting science and changing policy,” was hosted by the Centre for Extra Mural Studies at Mumbai University.

Good Guys 3: bad Guys NIL!


  1. This appears to be the opposite to the recent paper that Watts is associated with which clearly states that the Warming is occurring? Granted that Watts is not happy with the result, but he did claim to accept the findings.

    See the results for yourself:

  2. The point from Nigel Calder is that we all agree the warming has occured. Since the end of the little Ice Age the world has warmed. But is it still warming?

    As Nigel says: "Global warming real? Not recently, folks." And he uses the BEST (ie Berkeley Earth Study Temperature) data.

    Who is right in their interpretation? Muller is his paper on the BEST temps or, as Calder says, The BEST temps (black line) themselves as shown in the BEST graph above.

  3. Hi Geoff, Willis has worked out what he got wrong

    Please correct your post now

  4. Hey John,

    Are you still around spreading your Alarmist viewpoint?

    As you say Willis has worked out what Muller got wrong.

    BEST has done the world a huge service by collating and collecting all the data in one place, and deserves credit for that.

    "But they have done the world a huge disservice by becoming media whores, by making a host of claims before peer review is complete.

    This last one astounds me, that they’ve done it before peer review is finished. Doug Keenan and William Briggs have both raised separate and cogent arguments that the BEST analysis contains flaws."

    Thanks for your assistance, John.

  5. Like to help out Geoff, but drop the cooling furphy.

    The Arctic hit the lowest volume for 8000 yrs in Sept,

    anyway i will give you a better furphy to run with.
    BEST paper number 4 , last few sentences of summary.

    Now there is a good quote to cherry pick ?

    rgds JB

  6. Arctic must have had their ghetto blaster turned down - is that what you meant by the lowest volume for 8000 years?

    Try the second lowest since satellite records...

    "Summer 2011: Arctic sea ice near record lows

    The summer sea ice melt season has ended in the Arctic. Arctic sea ice extent reached its low for the year, the second lowest in the satellite record, on September 9. The minimum extent was only slightly above 2007, the record low year, even though weather conditions this year were not as conducive to ice loss as in 2007"

  7. I will try again Geoff

    Volume, not loudness

    not a book as part of a series

    eureka .

    Definition of Volume
    The amount of 3-dimensional space an object occupies. Capacity
    lowest volume
    8000yrs, some claim 10,000yrs,

    (Overpeck 2005) there is no evidence that the Arctic has been seasonaly (full season late july to early October)ice free for last 800,000 yrs.
    do you need me to help you with the difference between extent and volume ?

    rgds JB

  8. From the Cambridge Dictionary:

    the level of sound produced by a television, radio, etc., or the switch or other device controlling this
    Could you turn the volume down, please, I'm trying to sleep.

    And quoting Jonathan Overpeck here, JB? The same Overpeck that said to Dr David Deming that to scare the natives the Climate Alarmists had to get rid of the Medievil Warm Period?

    No authority.

  9. Unbelievable you lot still have your heads in the sand. You may have noticed that when 7 billion people crap on their own doorsteps, it creates a bit of a stink. You may be able to see the turd but you can't see the fumes... That doesn't mean they're not there...

  10. Poor old anonymous doesn't realise where the smell is coming from....


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