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Guest Post by Anthony Cox
Suffer the little children
Perhaps the most despicable aspect of global warming [AGW] propaganda is its use of children. This propaganda superficially expresses concern for children but on closer examination reveals a fundamental misanthropy, a loathing for humans.

Jo Nova and I wrote about this misanthropic hatred of humans by AGW supporters here:

Since then many more videos depicting children in peril, allegedly because of AGW, have been produced; for instance this dreadful image:
Was produced by these smiling harridans:

This is grotesque and it is hypocritical for those AGW supporters to declare concern for children when they simultaneously endorse such images.

Another insidious aspect of the use of children is through Green infiltration of school syllabuses. Gore’s movie An Inconvenient Truth, is still being shown in Australian public schools despite the English High Court finding that all the consequences of AGW shown in Gore’s film and considered by the court were wrong or misleading. This is a point which AGW apologists miss; they say Judge Burton who officiated on Gore’s trial still said AGW science was OK and that it was substantially founded upon scientific research and fact.

But this ignores the primary fact that AGW propagandists promote AGW in terms of its consequences; if there are no consequences of AGW or those consequences are exaggerated, as the High Court found then AGW effectively doesn’t exist.
Gore’s agitprop is not the only “resource” being used in schools by pro-AGW propagandists.

A new site has infiltrated schools. Again this information is being bank-rolled by a rich businessman which again proves the lie of AGW claims that more money is supporting the Sceptics’ viewpoint. One only has to look at The Climate Institute and see its rich and powerful benefactors and sponsors. Graeme Wood of Wotif has given large amounts of money to the Greens:

And now Jason Kimberley, former owner of “Just Jeans” has entered the kiddie market by bankrolling a resource site for schools called Our Cool Schools:

Kimberley’s site has the usual culprits, Gore, Suzuki and of course that font of unbiased information about AGW the ABC, in particular the ABC associated ‘Conversation’ site. At Conversation Kimberley has linked to a recent article by professor of geology Mike Sandiford:

This is a disgraceful article to which I made several comments at the Conversation site; all my comments and indeed any critical comment is now gone; yet the motto at the Conversation site states: for curious minds!

Sandiford compares the human effect on the environment to the atomic bomb:

To put these numbers into a more human context we need a a new measure for our energy use. The “Hiro” is one. It is the equivalent to the energy released by detonating one Hiroshima “Little Boy” bomb every second. One Hiro equals 60 trillion watts.
In these terms, our human energy system operates at a rate of 0.25 Hiros, or one Hiroshima bomb every four seconds. That is the equivalent of more than eight million Hiroshima bombs going off each year.

The first thing i thought of when I read this misanthropic tripe was “Planetslayer”. Planetslayer was a game for children which used to be on the ABC website; it has now been taken down no doubt because of coverage like this:

Fortunately Ben O’Neill kept a copy of Planetslayer in cached form:

For me the connection with Sandiford is the blowing up; Planetslayer teaches kids to hate themselves and to blow up while Sandiford says humans are in effect blowing up the planet. Both are vile concepts and were taken to their logical conclusion in this Green propaganda:

New studies show that due to AGW propaganda school kids are being scared and terrified:

Is this the result that Kimberley is after by linking to the catastrophists like Sandiford? In his article Sandiford notes that human activity causes earthquakes; he uses the Thomson dam as an example. It is true there is speculation that dams can cause bedrock movement and seismic activity:

Many of these examples of human caused earthquakes are speculative and there are many dams and areas of mining which don’t have contemporaneous or proximate events.

But even if human activity can cause such events Sandiford still misses the point. Everything humans do encroaches on nature. Western civilization offers the pinnacle of decent, humane and civilised living for many people; every time a house, hospital, school or power plant is built nature is encroached. The solution is not to throw the baby out with the bathwater by saying because mistakes have been made which have had ramifications for human safety because of natural backlash that all aspects of Western civilisation should be curtailed.

Greater care needs to be taken but right now the AGW alarmists have tainted all aspects of human society; kids are being told humans are bad and that any disturbance of nature is bad. As well serious inroads are being made into scientific integrity. We are told that climate science is settled and that AGW has been proven. This is egregiously incorrect with grave consequences for humans. We have recently had 2 natural disasters, the bushfires in Victoria and the Queensland floods. Climate science and Green policy played a part in both these events by not allowing adequate burn-offs and fire preparation and proper dam storage for the floods.

Science is the tool humans use to make sure we don’t turn our use of nature into disasters. This tool is being subverted by AGW propaganda which, as usual, is aimed at our children.


  1. Excellent post Geoff,
    Didn't see the name of the one who has been driving most of Australia's problems & Governments for many years as well as recruiting/networking/financing books, T.F & all Alarm propoganda, CO2, LA 21, EPBC, MDBP & countless NGO groups.

    The Shadow man. Mr Rob Purves AO.

  2. Fabulous post, Geoff.

    It proves they're desperate. And unconscionable.

    Thank you Anonymous for bringing Rob Purves to our attention:

    I had no idea. Nor of his connections.

    More on WWF in Appendix 15 here:!.html

    More on the interconnections of the climate scammers in Appendix 9 and on their interconnections on page 13 of the main report here:

    Malcolm Roberts


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