Monday, 1 August 2011

Svensmark: The Cloud Mystery

For more than a decade the Danish Physicist Henrik Svensmark has worked on a new theory about the climate.   This will alter our understanding of climate change.

"The Climate is a result of changes in the clouds"

See also THIS : Cosmic rays cause formation of clouds.

Thanks Lubos Motl


  1. The need to diminish the importance of Svensmark's theory by CAGW enthusiasts seemly ignores Wilson's 1927 Nobel Prize for inventing the cloud chamber and CERN's confirmation that cosmic rays influence cloud formation.
    Such avoidance would make an interesting Four Corners investigation.....nah, just kidding.

    1. Well, David, I think that all the ABC "investigative journos are all hiding down in one corner (the extreme left one) and the other corners are free,


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