Friday, 19 August 2011

Convoy has hit the road, so should Julia!

The Convoy of No Confidence will be remembered for generations, as we still remember the "COOEE March." The COOEE march of 1915 started as the "Gilgandra snowball" with 20 or so men and, gathering other recruits along the way, they numbered about 300 by the time they reached Sydney.

The Australian War Memorial records that:
Cooee March 1915.
Their example was soon followed by other marches from around New South Wales and Queensland: the Waratahs, Kangaroos, Wallabies, Dungarees, Men from Snowy River, Kurrajongs, Kookaburras, Central West Boomerangs and North Coast Boomerangs. They relied on the support of the communities they passed through, which was often enthusiastic. The total number of men involved was only about 1,500 but the marches attracted wide publicity and may have encouraged fund-raising and enlistment more generally.
Almost 100 years later, the Convoy(s) of No Confidence have built up in a similar way. Truck Driver and Trucking Fleet owner Mick Pattel had his business halved by the ill-thought out Gillard Green Government's decision to halt live exports on the basis of a suspect report shown by OUR? ABC.

On Social Network, Just Grounds online, the idea blossomed and ballooned. The number of convoys were organised from all points of the Australian compass.  The reasons to protest were added to: Live Exports; No Carbon Tax; Illegal immigrants; Government Waste and failed projects.

Organisers like "Just a housewife" Cate Stuart from Queensland St George area organised routes and stop-over details etc and the massive snakes have started winding their way to Canberra.

From the Northern Territory with Brilliant organiser Rashida Khan
Rashida Khan
(ABC report) 
and from The Katherine Times:
A Convoy of more than 100 vehicles - including road trains, campervans and utes - rolled into Katherine last night to show their support for the Convoy of no Confidence, a convoy heading to Canberra to raise a voice against recent government decisions.
Rashida Khan, who led a trail of vehicles from Darwin to Katherine yesterday, said she was on her way to Canberra to speak up for "some of the toughest people" she knows, who "have been pushed to the edge by the decision to ban live export".
"And I don't know how much further you can push these people," Ms Khan said.
"It is time to make Australia and the government aware of what is happening to the people who were used to work from sunrise to sunset to muster their cattle, to breed for live export, to truck their animals across the country."

From Perth: No-confidence convoy leaves Perth
The Thompsons
Trucks and camper vans left Belmont this morning, marking the start of the Perth leg of the national Convoy of No Confidence.
The convoy, which is due to join another 10 other convoys from around the nation in Canberra on Monday, is adorned in orange streamers and balloons and will pass through Norseman late this afternoon.
The main organisers of the Perth convoy, Narrogin beef farmers Matt and Janet Thompson, said they were delighted by the turnout and the support from those who had turned out to see them off.

From Cairns:

Convoy of protest leaves Cairns to tell PM Gillard to hit the road.

THEY are everyday people, they are angry and they are hoping to bring down a government. Hundreds of Far Northerners left Cairns yesterday bound for Canberra.

The Convoy of No Confidence started as a truckies protest against the carbon tax but has grown into a mass assembly of people who feel they have lost their voice on issues from wasted tax money, asylum seekers, pink batts, imported fruit and the temporary ban on live exports. Leaving Atherton early yesterday more than 100 vehicles made their way to Cairns and Innisfail as they started the journey south.
From Rockhampton:

ROCKHAMPTON’S Tony Hopkins will lead a Convoy of No Confidence to Canberra next week.
He will be one of many leading the way to the nation’s capital for a two-day protest, following protests by others this week against the Federal Government’s carbon tax.
Rockhampton and Central Queenslanders heading south this weekend will be protesting with the message they no longer have confidence in the Federal Government, because of the carbon tax U-turn and the knee-jerk reaction on the treatment of cattle in Indonesia.
About 200 people have signed up to drive in a convoy, leaving Rockhampton tomorrow at 7am from the Yeppen roundabout, to join up with others from across the country to give the government that message.
Viv Forbes, of the Carbon Sense Coalition has written about the Convoy - pdf here

Joanne Nova has some great photos of the Perth Convoy HERE.

Journalist (and Justgroundonline member) John Mikkelsen has a new piece published on the ABC's DRUM UNLEASHED.


  1. I wished I could be there, I'm proud to be Australian when I see Australians having the courage to stand up for what is right. Julia Gillard may have "made a mistake" in saying there would be no carbon tax under a government she leads, but we are now standing up too by saying some of us made a mistake in electing her bad government and it's time for us to show our strong conviction for decent government, so bring on the election now!

  2. I will carry your wishes with me. About to join the WHITE Convoy.



  3. you idiots were living on a dieying planet you will not be a alive in 20yrs so all you can come up with is a convoy our future is doomed thankyou.

  4. Gary, you say; " You idiots..." but
    a) cannot spell dying;
    b) do not understand punctuation;
    c) obviously have no education.

    That, by itself, does not make you an idiot,but it doesn't help show your inteligence.

    If we reduce vital-to-life Carbon Dioxide, YOU may not be alive in 20 years.

    Gary, I am in my 60s, and you MAY be right; I MAY not be alive in 20 years. But then again, I could outlive you.

    Think about it.


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