Thursday, 16 June 2011

Evil Journalist deniers - Glover, Farrelly, Carlton

Green Press Columnist
I have constantly pointed out the stupidity of the MSM when they call us Climate Change Deniers. When we questioned the falsified hypothesis of man-made global warming (AGW), we were initially called AGW deniers which became global warming deniers. This was false as, at the time the world was warming and we didn't deny that, just the fact that the warming was mainly caused by man.

However, the warming halted and it was no longer convenient to talk of global warming (whether man made or not) and so, they changed the terminology from (man-made) global warming to climate change and tried to change the terminology for sceptics from (man-made) global warming deniers to climate change deniers.

This is where they made their big mistake.

We have argued that climate has always changed. Climate has changed since the beginning of time. Climate was changing before man walked upon the earth.

The real climate change deniers are the Warmists who say (or at least pretend for their cause) climate has been constant throughout history but has taken an upturn in the last half century due to human CO2 emissions.

Rowan Dean, an advertising creative director and a panellist on the Gruen Transfer, has written an opinion piece in the Australian (Link in title above). He starts:
WHEN you've run out of positive things to say in advertising, the easiest trick is to make up a monster. The uglier and more repulsive the better.

He goes on to say that the advocates of the carbon tax have cottoned on to this trick.
The hideous "climate change denier" is as ugly and repulsive as any toilet germ gremlin.
He quotes Richard Glover  using the stupidly incorrect "climate change denier"
"The agents of . . . planetary death will be the climate change deniers,"

He mentions Elizabeth Farrelly's column likening sceptics to cane toads - See Farrelly displays stupidity.  Also from the Fairfax Alarmist Propaganda unit, Rowan quotes Mike Carlton on  what he'd like to do with Roman Catholic Cardinal George Pell:
"Pull out a few fingernails, stretch him on the rack, a bit of how's-yer-father with a red hot poker."
I'll let Rowan have the last word:
By all means, counter every argument the climate change deniers, sceptics, carbon tax opponents and the rest put forward, and attack their opinions with passion and verve, or even better, with proven facts and irrefutable rebuttals.
But hysterically and repeatedly portraying them as ugly, stupid trolls, toads and ferals threatening life on earth as we know it, is intellectually (and morally) dubious at best.
Worthy of a toilet cleaning ad, perhaps. But not worthy of the future economic and environmental health of our country.



  1. Great post Geoff.

  2. How do you guys account for the alarming thaw in the Northern permafrost?

  3. Anonymous, I have added above a graph of Northern hemisphere weekly snow cover since January 2000 according to Rutgers University Global Snow Laboratory. The thin line is the weekly data, and the thick line is the running 53 week average (approximately 1 year).


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