Prue McSween

Prue McSween debates man-made Global Warming and the Carbon Dioxide Tax based on a lie with three for the Alarmist side. Thanks to cartoonist Zeg - Here are Zeg's words:-

Indeed and the beautiful and eloquent Prue MacSween spells it out as it is to the dismay and disgust of the Useful Idiots that shares the screen with on this weekends Sunrise. Two of the most unfunniest and untalented clowns on the box, Andrew O'Keefe and Tim Ross, look like the fools they are as they just cannot do anything but blurt out the old Al Gore and Prof. Flim Flammery lines that we are all going to drown and the whole world is acting fast on this Carbon Cap and Trade bulltish.
You see the problem is for these fools, that so many of them in the Lame Stream Media have with this issue now, is that they all ran to this Global Warming Scam so piously and standing united on their so called moral high ground, attached their colours to this mast of Global Deceit. Ofcourse some already know that they made a mistake. Like most of these self deluded left wing twitters, white anters and naval gazing hand wringers, they cannot admit that they were ever wrong and are either silent hiding in the debate shadows now, hoping that nobody remembers what they proclaimed to be the greatest moral challenge of our time and that we will just let their participation in this massive Ponzi Scheme of the Globalists go unrecorded and unnoticed or they will continue to fall own their swords of denial and just proclaim that the end is coming and we will all be sorry, until the day they die.
I for one have an extensive memory and physical list of all of the public supporters of Anthropological Climate Change and if it takes my entire life I will continue to expose these fools and liars for just what they are and have already done........ mark my words because that is a future . event that will happen! Watch this clip, it's funny to watch these knuckleheads squirm in the face of truth and logic.


  1. Europe wants to charge 15% so that proves they believe CO2 is pollution? No. It shows they are grabbing money from anywhere and are prepared to lie because their economies are basket cases.

    China is behind it only as far as they will be making more solar panels for export. The lie that Australia will be "left behind" is ridiculous - all of our technology is made in China anyway! Which jobs are going to be created here? Dock workers handling the huge increase in imports.

    Sea level rises? It started well before the industrial revolution and is still around 3cm a decade, not the 7 metres Al Gore lied about.

    Andrew O'Keefe needs to do some reading. He needs to be a reporter, not an advocate. Reporters don't mock views they may disagree with. Very unprofessional.

  2. 'We have enough problems on our hands', 'we are in such dire straits economically'.
    We have one of the BEST economies in the world Prue, maybe you should take a trip to North Korea or Somalia to see what real problems are before being so ignorant and selfish.

    Yes Andrew should have been less opinionated, but you can't blame him for only stating facts.


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