Wednesday, 4 May 2011

The Oldest Thermometer Record In existence - NO WARMING?

This set of graphs is from Hadley's Met Office. (See comment below) As the graph states,
"Overwhelming Evidence supports AGW but the oldest Thermometer Records Do Not!"
The oldest thermometer records over multiple centuries has NOT been adjusted for urban heat islands. It shows less than a degree of warming over centuries.

Hadcet data can be found at
Attached graph can be found at


  1. Central England plunged back below the trend line in 2010 due to a cold winter, especially December, which was the coldest in 120 years.

    "NO WARMING" is not technically correct. I usually describe it as "no trend change in the modern era whatsoever" since there is indeed a linear warming trend found in these.

    Oh, and the data from England is MET Office, but the others are from diverse sources and the graphs are from me, just some guy on the Net with graphing software and a passion for graphic art.

  2. How is New York, NIk? Have adjusted the post above.


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