Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Tim Flannery's Flim Flammery

Tim Flannery discusses Gaia (See also TF - Gaia Worshipper and Reputable Scientists and Flim Flam Men) Tim Flannery has been appointed Australia's Climate Commissioner.

From the Australian:-
Greens leader Bob Brown welcomed the announcement of the commission and said Professor Flannery was a “good choice” to lead it.
“Tim Flannery's a good communicator - I wish him well leading this commission which has got a really important job, which is informing the people of Australia.”
The commission, which met for the first time today(10/2/11) for initial discussions on how it will measure its progress, will cost $5.6 million over four years.
I'll let the reader judge whether Mr Flannery is a good communicator and whether you believe your $5.6 million is being spent wisely. 

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