Physician, Heal your opinions

Mike Gray, writing on the American Culture:

Not since Communism’s heyday has a dubious concept so haunted and crippled the intelligentsia. Fears of so-called “global warming” (or whatever cognate term it’s traveling under these days) have now spanned the globe. Worse, they’re determining how policy makers in Africa and the Third World (or whatever the U.N. likes to call those underdeveloped countries) respond to energy development:
To suggest that impoverished nations must worry more about CO2 than about tuberculosis, cholera or malaria is absurd. To tell them their energy options must be limited to expensive, unreliable, insufficient wind and solar power is immoral. To impose anti-hydrocarbon restrictions on poor countries ensures that they will remain poor and diseased, with life expectancies in the low forties.

Bjorn Lomborg has previously made similar points -

However, a group of doctors writing in the British Medical Journal have a different opinion.

Doctors urged to take climate leadership role

The Guardian's Fiona Harvey, environment corresponden. (LINK)

 Doctors must take a leading role in highlighting the dangers of climate change, which will lead to conflict, disease and ill-health, and threatens global security, according to a stark warning from an unusual alliance of physicians and military leaders.

 Think of the billions that have been wasted worldwide on promoting the falsified AGW hypothesis and how much good that money could have done in helping developing nations to improve. The opposite thought is think of how demonising power and fuel can condemn these developing nations to more misery.

H/T Marc Morano's Climate Depot