Sunday, 3 April 2011

The Media and Gang-Green

An extract from Andrew Fowler's new book published in The Week-end Australian Magazine has some interesting parallels with our debate. 
DANIEL Ellsberg wasn't a typical dissenter: Harvard-educated, he had served two years in Vietnam as a civilian in the State Department and earlier worked for the Pentagon on nuclear weapons policy. Unable to remain silent about the White House’s belief that the war was “unwinnable”, in 1971 he leaked the Vietnam history, known as the Pentagon Papers, to The New York Times and other US newspapers, defending his actions as upholding the highest principles of the US Constitution.
 Ellsberg was tried under the US Espionage Act and the trial was thrown out of court. Here is the interesting bit: The US Supreme Court ruled that only a free and unrestrained press could effectively expose deception in government. Think about that in relation to Australia and the way the Government has been lying to the people. Unfortunately, our free press seems complicit in the cover-up.
(Daniel Ellsberg) had a system of decision-making called the Ellsberg Paradox named after him. It was a theory that demonstrated how people are naturally risk-averse and prone to making decisions based on a hazard that doesn’t exist.
In Australia, there is no greater example of  people who are naturally risk-averse and prone to making decisions based on a hazard that doesn’t exist. Carbon Dioxide is innocent. Carbon Dioxide is not creating any runaway global warming. The Greens have been scaring people into thinking that carbon is going to send our planet to hell in a hand basket. Today, in Hyde Park,  I was assailed by a young female paramedic who has been taken in by the hoax.  She was all for a carbon tax. She pulled out the line that we sceptics were trying to ruin the future for her young son.

The really unfortunate thing is that, if the Gang-Green get their way, her child's future will be much worse. High unemployment prospects due to employers relocating off-shore, uncertain power supply due to the vagaries of renewable energy, uncertainty as to food supply as the gang-greens chase farmers off the land.

If we only had a free, enquiring, unrestrained press, they would expose the deceptions of the Greens and the Government.

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