Lord Monckton Tour with Joanne Nova and David Evans


The question is:

Does the Science justify the introduction of a carbon tax? 

To answer that question we are organising a visit to Australia by

Lord Christopher Monckton

Lord Monckton is one of the World's great communicators
and is backed by a first-rate
team of Climate Sceptics.

Joanne Nova and Dr David Evans

Jo and David are two of Australia's premier sceptics of global warming.

Jo has a distinguished academic background in science. 

Dr Evans created and set up the carbon accounting models at the Australian Greenhouse Office

We are looking for sponsorship of this tour from citizens, both corporate and individuals, who are interested in a transparent debate on the science and a rational approach to Australia's future well being and prosperity. We believe all fair-minded citizens want a better future without having to sacrifice the progress we have made.

You can deposit funds into the following account:

Westpac Bank - Lord Monckton Tour Account
BANK BSB:  035612
Account:  253068


  1. I DARE YOU TO PUBLISH SOME TRUTH on this matter.

    You liars!!!!!

    I was told outright LIES from this forum!

    Earlier it was claimed that Leon Ashby President has no connection to the Assemblies of God churches - whom some Pastors have LINKS with Steve Fielding, Heartland etc.

    Should I now get a Four Corners investigation on this link or not? I should think so.

  2. A raving Ratbag - nay - Ratbatty has posted a cowardly anonymous comment (above).

    Well, RatBatty, go ahead with your stupid threat.
    Heaven knows, The Climate Sceptics (TCS) party would appreciate the exposure on that Global Warming Propaganda unit - the ABC. That organisation has admitted that they have given away all pretense of being even-handed and has said that they have to push the AGW CO2 hoax.

    Go ahead, Batty, bring it on. Take your misinformation to the ABC - Four Corners or even better, take it to those liars - Media Watch - that despicable mob who lie, warp and cheat with info... much like your WTF Deniers - the blog that couldn't stand the onset of truthand died.

  3. Scared to post the same mobile number as proof.

  4. Certainly not, Send your mobile number and I will post it so the world can ring you.

  5. From the Washington Post:http://voices.washingtonpost.com/right-now/2010/04/lord_monckton_questioning_the.html

    Lord Monckton says that Obama could have been born in Kenya and that his birth records are sealed.

    His comment made at a public meeting that "You can be born in Kenya and end up as president of the United States!" was also shown on a recent BBC documentary "Meet the Sceptics".

    Do you really regard this person as a speaker of facts?

  6. The scared little person who posts anonymously:

    Would you regard Obama's family as speakers of fact?
    Obama's grandmother says that she was present at the birth in Kenya. Obama's half0-sister also believes that he was born in Kenya.

    Obama's mother (white) didn't like the treatment of white women in Kenya and wanted to fly back to Hawaii but the airline wouldn't let her fly at her stage of pregnancy. So she had to have her baby in Kenya.

    Would you believe the Kenyan Parliament? They believe he was born in Kenya!

  7. Geoff you're not seriously saying you think Obama was born in Kenya? That really rocks your credibility before you even begin to talk about climate change. The facts were a death knell to Trump's presidency challenge as nobody could take him seriously any more. But actually, thinking about it, go ahead, make my day!

    I guess it's as real as Monckton being a member of the UK House of Lords as he has so often tried to claim. While the House of Lords says that's wrong, but that didn't stop the potty peer from issuing "greetings from the House of Lords" to the US Congressional Committee. That made my day too as he's a complete lunatic, liar and hardly the best advert for climate scepticism.

    Looking forward to laughing at you all as you trudge through Australia. Is the mining industry paying for any of this tour as it did the last?

  8. It's you again, you anonymous twit! Why are you scared to be identified?

    To me, Obama's place of birth doesn't matter. To the yanks it does. The Kenyan Parliament thinks he was born in Kenya as does his Grandmother:

    As banker for the last Monckton tour, I can say that your last statement is a lie. So I think that you are a complete lunatic, liar and hardly the best advocate for the falsified AGW hypothesis.

  9. has it occurred to you, Geoff, that there might be more than one anonymous person posting here?

    Oh and of course israel national news is such the harbinger of truth. A link from such a trusted source must be the truth.

    But I am still waiting for your comments on Monckton being a member of the House of Lords. Or an advisor on science to Thatcher (he wasn't).

    Of any sceptic, Monckton is probably one I would believe the least - he has absolutely no grounds to claim any scientific expertise, as has been proven many times.

  10. Yes, Mousey, it has!

    Comments on Lord Monckton being a member of the House of Lords. Depends which Lord Monckton you mean. His father,Major-General Gilbert Monckton, 2nd Viscount Monckton of Brenchley, was

    Monckton quote: "The House of Lords Act 1999 debarred all but 92 of the 650 Hereditary Peers, including my father, from sitting or voting, and purported to – but did not – remove membership of the Upper House. Letters Patent granting peerages, and consequently membership, are the personal gift of the Monarch."

    So, mousey, are you better informed - or are you just using despicable blogs like desmog and the discredited John Cook?

  11. How about this? Quoting the House of Lords themselves:

    "Lord Monckton is not and never has been a member of the House of Lords. The clerk of the parliaments has written to Lord Monckton, confirming that he has no association with the House and advising him to stop branding himself as such." She said Monckton's claim that the 1999 act was a general law was "misleading".


  12. if you don't like anonymous postings and are just going to abuse them, why have that option on your blog?

    Surely choosing one of the options you give us shouldn't result in abuse?

  13. There could be more than one anonymouse poster....
    It's only to the idiots that I point out their idiocy, mousie

  14. even donald trump realises he lost the game when the long birth certificate was released.

    But please, tell us your views on Monckton being a member of the house of lords? He clearly isn't.

  15. House of Lords or No House of Lords - as LM says in all his addresses - don't believe me, look it up for yourself. Obviously you have on this side issue but have denied the data that Lord Monckton brings.
    Attend one of his talks and see for yourself.
    You can only be enlightened.


  16. We haven't even gotten 'round to discussing Jo Nova's "distinguished academic background in science," (likewise, a laughable FRAUD)


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