Friday, 4 March 2011

Stop Gillard's Carbon (DIOXIDE) Tax Rallies - NSW

There are rallies in all state capitals except Sydney on 23/3/11. I feel that, as that day is just a few days before NSW state elections, it is important that our objections are felt in NSW.

There is a Gillard's Carbon (DIOXIDE) Tax site here

Probably an effective way to make our thoughts felt would be rallies in the electorates of the Independents Windsor and Oakeshott on that Wednesday before the election. If anyone would be interested in rallies in Tamworth or Port Macquarie, could they please add details by the comment section below. I vet all comments and only publish acceptable comments so if you put NOT FOR PUBLIFICATION on your comment - it won't go public and you can give me a contact phone and/or email address.

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  1. Every one should push for a referendum. If she (Gillard) wants to say we are extreme. Well for the fist time in my life I feel extreme because it is worth it, like the French did about Marie Antoinette. She needs to be taken away from where she is. She was not even elected by the majority of Australians. She lied herself into getting the other parties to give herself a majority and she will keep on being dishonest. We are mad if we do not demand a referendum. We are the smallest country. We are a drop of ink in the ocean. Why does she not use her energy to get China to do something about carbon emit ion before she starts to hurt us. Because she is to week in the world of leaders. But we have this evil weak person.


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