Questions for Ms Gillard on carbon dioxide

Letter to the editors by Leon Ashby

Questions for Gillard on carbon dioxide

Dear Sir/Madam,

             Julia Gillard claims she has the science community behind her CO2 Tax position.

This is complete nonsense.

I challenge her to a debate on the actual scientific facts in any media she likes.

No scientist has evidence CO2 will overheat the planet - If there is, she only needs to name the scientist.

I ask Julia Gillard for her answer to these question:s 
  • Is it true CO2 has a positive effect on plants?
  • Is it true that up to five times today's level of CO2 in the air will not adversely effect human health?
  • Is it true that CO2 is transparent, tasteless and we drink it in carbonated drinks?
  • Is it true China continues to increases its CO2 emissions by Australia's total annual amount every 4 months?
  • Is it true that if the world reduced its emissions by 100%, cyclones, floods and bushfires would still occur?
  • Is it true an ETS or Carbon dioxide tax will have no discernible impact on Global temperatures. if she disagrees - justify by what amount?
  • Is it true that if any gas did effect the planet`s temperature to any degree, it would be more likely to be water vapour (which is 95% of all the greenhouse gases in the air)

Julia Gillard has no actual facts for her CO2 position - its just political jargon. 
 Leon Ashby
President The Climate Sceptics